Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Bull Moose Camp fishing trip day 4

After a few days of fishing, even the clouds begin to look like fish. This cloud was over the big part of the lake, watching over my father and I as we had a big late morning/early afternoon of Walleye catching success out by the buoys. We decided to try out the double bouy spot, parking outselves in between, and had some success with some smaller fish then got a few larger ones when we shifted positions slightly. This said, I may have topped my father's record for the smallest catch with the little walleye pictured in the photo below. Again, don't go snickering--it takes some skill to get a little fish like this on the line! (though not much skill to lift it into the boat once it's hooked!) 
In general, this was a day of getting rained on then skies clearing off, then the same happening again. Only finally we seemed to have a clearer idea of where the clouds were going. At one point every single area around us seemed stormy except for one strip of blue sky and we managed to stay under that strip of blue and out of the big rains until the clouds blew off. This, considering our skill the day before of trekking straight into the storms, was a real exciting development for us. We were, after all, just happy to be generally dry and thus not chilled. So, with that in mind, we fished... and fished..... and fished. Here are a few pics from the day:
Jen with a nice (edible) size walleye, though perhaps just a little smaller than the ones we did keep

Dad getting the hook out of the fish. Note the medical equiptment used? Handy.

Not a huge Northern, but he fought like he wanted to be bigger! I was pleased when I caught him.

Our keepers--food for a few days--fish cakes, baked fish, fried fish and some we are taking home (allowed 2 Walleye each on our conservation licence. 2 Northern too but we are not going to take all of that--fish are best eaten just after catching them in the lake after all!)
And so it was that another day of successful fishing ended... followed by the last of the "big storms"--in case you are unclear about why the sky is entirely red here, it is the sunset reflecting off of the oncoming rain as it begins to cross the lake heading towards us. Tremendous! And thus some really spectacular sunset photos to close another lovely day! 
The last storm of the day begins to head our way across the lake. We stand out by the dock and watch it come.

The entire cloud is tinted pink by the sunset--the rain crossing the lake reflecing the pink in a striking and also omnious manner. The slow arrival of rain (that looks like red rain!)
My father, Fred Dee, under the Bull Moose Camp sign as the red rain heads our way.
Dad takes a picture of me as we watch the sunset and the oncoming red rain.

Another undoctored image at sunset--the sky the most magnificent shades of red and pink and purple and blue.

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