Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mulhouse... yes, going there

It is the final few days and of course I am on the computer instead of out running the million errands left or seeing a museum in a fit of "oh my goodness, I won't be able to come here for awhile"! I realized at the gorgeous William Kentridge show ("cinq thèmes) now on at the Jeu de Paume (yes GO see it) yesterday that I have hardly the energy to concentrate on such things, as I do feel already propelled "southeasterly" as George Vance said in his rewords poem yesterday. So where am I heading? What is Mulhouse? This blog will certainly be looking at that and exploring the newness of Alsace this fall. But, like me who has had a few nibbles of the town to come, here are a few pictures of the Alsacian town of Mulhouse to wet your appetite--and lure you there? Opportunities to read abound, so come visit!

The Mulhouse train station: Port of entry!!!: This is right by the canal. Mulhouse in fact has a lot of waterways running through it, and is also known for its clear, clean, springwater--so no buying of bottled water here!!!

The greeny slopes the are the end of France and the beginning of Switzerland to one side and to Germany on another. This is about 5 minutes out of town, and thus about 10 minutes in a car from where I will be living in the center of town! The start of the Black Forest is here (pictured at the left of this first photo)!

Oh, and note the buildings on the far side of these later 2 photos below? Yes: Basel, Switzerland! (Bâle)

Yep, a Cathedral. Every French city has one, and I look forward to visiting! This is also just round the corner from me! It sits on a wide pedestrian square, with some of the other well-known colorful buildings bordering it (like this pink one), as well as some cafés and bookstore, too.:

Les Vosges, near Mulhouse. This is a photo taken from the train as we head past Colmar and to Strasbourg. I always feel like I am going South on that train, but in fact it is heading North! You can see some of the Alsatian vinyard--in a blur--as we rush past here. And villages tucked into valleys at the base of some of les vosges!

The colorful buildings in the touristy center of the city certainly will be a bright beacon on those cold winter days! This is just around the corner from my new home: which is itself a large, reddish building from the 1800s!
Yes, cafés. They have them everywhere in this country, I am pleased to see. And I am excited to get to lounge on some terrasses this fall and write letters and journal, and poems and stories. I will write anyone that writes to me a postcard a letter! So email me for my new address and then send on a card (to make me less lonely and to decorate my new home even?) and I will send a letter back with some image of Mulhousain life! Promis!

This said, one of the main differences between Mulhouse and Paris will be my ability to actually walk down a street. Isn't this kind of appealing? So few pedestrians--noontime on a springy day in Mulhouse! :

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Farewell Paris - Bonjour Mulhouse Soirée de rentrée-départ

Hey friends! -- Whether you are coming back, or heading off (as I am) I hope that you can stop by for a drink with friends to say Bonjour-Au Revoir! The 28th August, from 8pm at BUBAR
3 r de Tournelles, PARIS 4e
(version française:)
Paris: coming or going?
le 28 août 2010
à partir de 20h !
3, Rue des Tournelles
75004 Paris
M° Bastille