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9-10 April 2017: "Expanded Translation 1" at the Poetry Library, Southbank Centre, London: Co-organisers Jennifer K Dick (UHA-France) with Zoe Skoulding (University of Bangor), Jeff Hilson (Roehampton University, London) and Chris McCabe (Poetry Library Librarian, Southwick Centre) of a 2-year long series of conferences and artisitc interventions, including publications. The first of the series will take place over 2 days in April where the organisers along with a selected group of researcher-critic-poets in residence over the weekend in London will give talks on the seminar topic: "Expanded Translation " open to the public: Expanded Translation-- Monday 10 April, 6.30pm: "Expanded translation pushes the boundaries of translation to include creative dialogues across collaborative practice and different art forms. At this event a specially commissioned group of poets and thinkers will present new discoveries that have taken place during their research at The Poetry Library. They will also respond to ideas left on postcards in Poetry Library books since the beginning of the year."

24 April: I will be the featured reader at Spoken Word Paris. The theme of the night will be "URBANISM" as I plan to share some of the writings I did during my Régionale 17 residency, and some I have composed since then. I hope you, too, will come share some of your work!

25 April: 7:30pm Hosting Ivy Writers Paris bilingual reading with Jeff Greene, Sereine Berlottier and Rebecca Dolinsky at Delaville Café, 34 bvd bonne nouvelle 75010, M° Bonne Nouvelle.

May 2017: I will be teaching a Writing Workshop near Naples, Italy,, for a full week in the mountains near the sea. Full details on their way, in case you would like to attend.

23 May 2017 at 7:30pm Hosting Ivy Writers Paris bilingual reading with Lyn Emmanuel + translations by Simone Manceau, and Christophe Mannon in French at Delaville Café, 34 bvd bonne nouvelle 75010, M° Bonne Nouvelle.

10 juin 2017: 19h Jennifer K Dick participera à la nuit Cette soirée de lectures en français est organisée par Emmanuèle Jawad et Marie de Quatrebarbes cette année.

12 juin 2017: 12h30-17h Dans le cadre des États Généraux de la Poésie, le séminaire FRESH POÉSIE est organisé par le CNEAI, les éditions LANSKINE et la revue SARRAZINE. Une quinzaine d’invités--dont Olivier Chaudenson, Maison de la Poésie, Séverine Daucourt-Fridriksson, Jennifer K. Dick, Pierre Drogi, Franck Doyen, Sereine Berlottier, Franck Smith,  Mathieu Brosseau, Stéphane Bouquet, Manuel Daull, Didier Bourda, Aziyadé Baudoin-Talec--évalueront des solutions pragmatiques et parfois réjouissantes à l’équation paradoxale suivante : Comment faire en sorte que la poésie s’expose et se disperse librement dans un contexte culturel et économique normalisé ? Ce qui nécessite d’introduire un second questionnement :  Comment prendre à revers le champ poétique pour sortir la pratique poétique de son isolement formel et disciplinaire ?  Et enfin, dans quel programme d’urgence inscrire la poésie ? expositions, festivals, coéditions internationales, résidences en réseaux, création de communautés autour de programmes éditoriaux, réseau des booktubeurs…Des places sont disponibles sur inscriptions et appel à contribution pour auditeurs et contributeurs. Organisateurs : Sylvie Boulanger, Catherine Tourné, Paul de Brancion. Au CNEAI de Pantin. Déjeuner sur place.

Past readings and conference presentations: 

15 March 2017: at ENS -Lyon, for the Centre d'études et de recherches comparées sur la création I gave the talk "Sonorité visuelle de Jacques Sivan" on the sonorous elements of the visuality of Jacques Sivan's works during the "Master Class on Jacques Sivan" co-organisé par Eric Dayre et Laurent Cawet pour les éditions Al Dante et ENS-Lyon. interventions théoriques par Gaëlle Théval, Emmanuèle Jawad, Luigi Magno et Jennifer K. Dick. Ensuite, à partir de 18h30 : souvenirs, lectures et perfomances par Vannina Maestri et Jean-Michel espitallier + Interventions d'étudiants des Beaux-arts de Lyon Full info at:

 28 février 2017: Jennifer K Dick gave the talk « Circuits, CERN et l’imaginaire scientifique : de l’observation à la création en poésie contemporaine » at the journée d'études: « La microbiologie dans les pratiques artistiques contemporaines ». Présentations et réactions de François-Joseph Lapointe (Université de Montréal), Jennifer K. Dick (Université de Haute Alsace), Eric Bapteste (CNRS), Catherine Larose (CNRS), Lia Giraud (Paris Sciences et Lettres). Oraniser par Liliane Campos et Pierre-Louis Patoine: EA 4398 PRISMES Paris 3 – Sorbonne Nouvelle Full information at:

24 Nov-8 Jan 2017 Jennifer K Dick Regionale 17 resident: installation piece at the SBB Station on the SNCF (France) side and writer in residence during the regionale show with the Kunsthalle-Mulhouse, France and Kunsthaus Baselland, Switzerland. Texts and readings composed and performed/recorded throughout the show posted on The Buffet de la Gare blog :
 3 Oct 2016: The BASTILLE issue number 4 (on "Jesse") launched with a reading by authors in the issue, including Jennifer K Dick sharing her CERN time-travel Jesse James poem which appears in the issue.
29 June 2016 at 6pm: Jennifer K Dick, Ayana Mathis, Michelle Huneven, and Nahid Rachlin read at Berkeley Books of Paris for the Paris Writers Workshop Faculty Reading.  

26 June-1 July 2016: Jennifer K Dick is guest teaching the Poetry Writig Workshop for he Paris Writers Workshop, situated in UNESCO this year. Course description at:

5 June 2016: Jennifer K Dick curated the VERSO Live Journal evening in Amsterdam for Versal Magazine, opening with a brief editorial on Fixity/The Void. Verso Live Journal featured guests Laura Mullen, Lily Hoang, Margret Wibmer and Megan Garr. At Mezrab in Amsterdam, Netherlands.   

20 April 2016: Guest author for John High's MFA seminar "Writers on Writing" at LIU Brooklyn University 6-8pm. Jennifer K Dick will meet and talk with Long Island University in Brooklyn MFA students about their work and answer any questions they may have about her own. I will also be meeting with one of John High's undergraduate classes in the afternoon. 

18 April 2016: 7pm Jennifer K Dick, Bonny Finberg and Amanda Deutch read their fiction and poetry. Jennifer and Amanda will share some of their collaborative work from their forthcoming collection ORPHERY. At: Unnameable Books, 600 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

15 April 2016:  Jennifer K Dick read as a guest author alongside Murat Nemet-Nejat, Uche Nduka, Barbara Henning, John High, Idra Novey, Jocelyn Lieu, and Lewis Warsh as part of the LIU Brooklyn MFA Faculty and Guest Author reading and celebration of their programme: KGB Bar, 85 E 4th St, New York, NY 10003. Complete info at:

 21 November 2015: Jennifer K Dick gave a talk entitled "Madness and the spectral: Edgar Allan Poe and Laura Mullen’s The Tell-Tale Heart" at the ENSFR conference on HAUNTING at the Université d'Angers, France in Panel 11 Edgar Allan Poe with Mercedes Peñalba, University of Salamanca, Graphic Poe: “The Tell-Tale Heart” and Its Palimpsest Texts. // Julie Berlin Emerek Jensen, Université, du Maine, The Dominant Role of the Female Protagonists in the haunted and strange worlds of Edgar Allan Poe // For more, see:
12 November 2015: 14h-17h Jennifer K Dick gave a seminar presentation "No silence before armies": Susan Howe and WWII--Historical consciousness in a poetry of archives. for the ERIBIA research group as part of their series of seminars on Women's War Writings alongside talks by Amy Wells and Jennifer Kildore Cardec. AT: Université de Caen, Caen, France. Publication of these talks are forthcoming in 2016.

31 Oct 2015: There was a GENERATIVE WRITING WORKSHOP with Jennifer K Dick at "Collage" in Barcelona. Saturday, 31st, 5-7pm. DESCRIPTION: Open to authors of prose, poetry or mixed genre works, this Saturday afternoon workshop is about starting, and starting again. Each day, each page brings us a sense of accomplishment and the excitement of getting somewhere.  We will try our hand at a variety of exercises and techniques to get going writing prose, poetry and prose poems/flash fiction. We will also read some short texts by other authors.  At the end of the workshop, you will leave with a few beginnings, and perhaps also a finished text or two!  A course for writers at all levels.To sign up, contact "Emilie" via her email at: collagebarcelona [at] gmail [dot] com / or call 93.284.6520. 20€ fee. Barcelona, Spain at Collage (Sant Salvador 96, metro: Lesseps). 

30 Oct 2015: Reading with Jennifer K Dick and Michelle Noteboom, organized by Ed Smallfield in Barcelona, Spain at Collage (Sant Salvador 96, metro: Lesseps).

21 October 2015 : Conference seminar by Jennifer Κ  Dick and Cole Swensen: "Poets who translate and self-translate" AT: TRILL research group, Université de Paris X: Nanterre.

22 October 2015:  Gave the Conference talk « Communication évènementielle non-verbale et verbale de Susan Howe : textes à lire ? textes à voir ? » Jennifer K Dick at the conference "L’immobilité vive" : Poétiques et esthétiques du moment, in the panel « Le moment poétique », at l'Université de Poitiers, UFR Lettres et Langues, Salle des Actes.

26 Sept 2015 : read translations of  Ivy Writers Paris author Virginie Poitrasson and celebrated the Ivy special section included in the new issue of Paris Lit Up (PLU issue 3) at 100 thousand poets for change / PLU launch issue 3 AT: La Petite Maison – 8 rue Cavaignac, 75011 Paris.

 1 July 2015 : Featured reader Jennifer Κ  Dick at Spoken Word2--Open Secret

23 June 2015  Bilingual Reading and Performances by Jennifer Κ  Dick, Claire Paulian, Irène Gayraud and Camille Bloomfield aka Camilla Campo de Flores at GALERIE 14, 14 rue Brochant, Paris.

22 June 2015 :  Featured reader Jennifer Κ  Dick at Spoken Word, Paris

30 MAY 2015 at 18h30 Text creation performance with Olivier Gabrys. "Traces de son amant qui s’en va" SPECTACLE Olivier Gabrys / chorégraphe et danseur, Jennifer K. Dick / écrivain. Performance de danse et de textes : un  dialogue entre la voix de l'écrivain, le  regard de l'artiste et le mouvement du  corps du danseur. Quand la chorégraphie  du corps vivant, mouvant, rencontre les  œuvres présentées et les images qu'elles  convoquent, s'associe à la voix de l'écrivain,  lue ou spontanée, pour donner à voir, à  ressentir une expérience inédite.  Les thématiques et les pratiques plastiques de Véronique Arnold sont explorées et développées dans cette performance collaborative, créée in situ pendant l'exposition au Musée des Beaux-Arts de Mulhouse. Spectacle proposé par le Service Universitaire de l’Action Culturelle de l’Université de Haute-Alsace. AT Musée des Beaux-Arts de Mulhouse, 4 Place Guillaume Tell, 68100 Mulhouse. 

18 April 2015 in Panel 5 of the ENSFR conference from 9:30-11:30am Panel 5. Identities and Influences in American Short Fiction TALK Jennifer K Dick "Porous Borders/ Hybrid Lives: Jhumpa Lahiri and American Suburbia"

25 Oct 2014 at 5pm Round Table "OF TRADITION AND EXPERIMENT" To celebrate 30 years of Tears in the Fence a magazine featuring international authors writing in a diverse range of aesthetic and formal styles, join us in Stourpaine, Dorset, UK for this round table discussion on issues of tradition and “avant-gardism” today. Authors Jennifer K Dick, Richard Makin and Jeff Hilson will present, dialogue and discuss some of their issues as authors, publishers and readers with tradition and experiment as well as comment on how they see this theme both on a national (UK) level and on an international scale. Topics will include literary homage, formal choice and language use. We will close with a debate on the new newness—what we think is or isn’t just over the literary horizon! Participants are invited to read the article in issue 60 of Tears in the Fence as an amuse-bouche prepping for the discussion. We hope you will all participate in this lively debate and round table discussion!!! for info and tickets to the festival.

25 Oct 2014 at 10am Readings by featured authors Jennifer K Dick, Cora Greenhill, Richard Makin, Jay Ramsay along with "Open readings" by: David Andrew, Andrew Henon, Ric Hool, John Howard-Greaves, Rosie Jackson, Morag Kiziewicz, Mandy Pannett, Aidan Semmens at the Tears in the Fence festival in Stourpaine, Dorset at the White Horse. for info and tickets to the festival.

30 Oct 2014 at 7pm Readings by Eleni Sikelianos, Laird Hunt and Jennifer K Dick for the Xing the Line series. At: Xing the Line: The Apple Tree, 45 Mount Pleasant, Clerkenwell WC1X 2AE entry fee is £5 or £3

24 May 2014 à 18h Paris launch of CONVERSION with Kate Van Houten in Paris chez Eliane Fievet (private galerie)  Kate showed visual work (sculpture, engraving and paintings) and Jennifer K Dick read the poems in this book of 7 folio pages on texured Italian paper. Poems by Jennifer K Dick printed in a smokey blue ink with Kate Van Houten's images traversing the texts and spanning both sides of the folio. Conversion is enclosed in a handmade burgundy colored box.

7 June 2014 at 5pm Amsterdam Boekie Woekie Reading and book talk with Kate Van Houten and Jennifer K Dick for their art chapbook CONVERSION (Estepa éditions, France) at Boekie Woekie bookstore, Berenstraat 16, 1016 GH Amsterdam in The Netherlands.

16 June 2014: 19h Paris Poets-Live reading in Paris at Carr's Pub and Restaurant, 1 rue Mont-Thabor, Paris 75001. See for more

19 June 2014: 19h30  Paris Lit Up featured reader for open Mike night on June 19th 2014, Culture Rapide, 103 Rue Julien Lacroix, 75020 Paris. Come read with me!

10-15 May 2014: Prague Microfestival. Jennifer K Dick read on Monday night, the 12th of May with translations in Czech by Olga Pekova.  Poster from the event at left. Programme on their blog at: and photos from the event as well as recordings (forthcoming) can be found on the PMF Facebook page at: 

18 March 2014: read for the Printemps des poètes event at 47° Nord, Maison Engelman, Mulhouse with students and faculty from the FLSH, Université de Haute Alsace. Translations of my work were read by Martial Dietsch and Jeff Gaspari, two of my L3 students. We also did a 4-voiced reading of 2 of my poems with the aid of Nina Kulics. Here are a few pics from this event:

15 March 2014 for the Journée des Portes Ouvertes and Fêtes des Langues my L2 students and myself, along with visiting author Andrew Seguin and professor Martine Fade whipped up a 12 minute multivoiced performance to pay homage to Lou Reed which was then followed by readings by students of poems they had written in English in a New York School style. Here are a few pics from this Sat afternoon:

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