Tuesday, October 11, 2016

New Poems in Print by Jennifer K Dick in Tears in the Fence and The Bastille

Getting the poems to roll out of the house and into the world is not always easy. We poets tend to obsess and revise and hold tight to the shards of language we have collected onto our pages. But out into the world they must, and with such joy it is I have had the pleasure of seeing a few of my poems land in great places this fall. And one even pictured above, left, on the wall of Le Chat Noir last week thanks to The Bastille!
Photo: Sabine Dundure Photography
In fact, I am thrilled to be part of the newest issue of THE BASTILLE. Issue n°4 is replete with exciting writing and amazing graphics and a lovely gallery of great photos by the Spoken Word in house photographer. You can pick up issues on their website via Paypal or get a copy any Monday, Weds night at Spoken Word Readings!  This issue had a theme: "The Many Faces of Jesse" and I loved seeing my Jesse James timetravel machine CERN poem alongside so many other versions of Jesse's!

First off, THANK you to the fabulous editors and lay out masters at TEARS IN THE FENCE in the UK--David Caddy and Westrow Cooper. It was also great to see my poems next to those of a great friend and fabulous author Greg Bachar. My poems CERN 51, CERN 52, CERN 54, CERN 56, CERN 67,  "Microcosms" and "There is something about" appear in Tears in The Fence, n° 64, September 2016, on pages 94-97. Go to https://tearsinthefence.com/ to subscribe/order a copy. Also consider checking in with them on their FB group page, where you will see I am also named as a columnist--and I am planning on getting the next column in for issue 65 soon!
As they tell you, in this issue: We have poetry, fiction and translations from Jeremy Reed, Jim Burns, John Welch, John Freeman, Sally Dutton, Chris Hall, Michael Henry, Beth Davyson, Kinga Tóth, Paul Kareem Tayyar, D. I., Lydia Unsworth, David Pollard, Mike Duggan, Jeff Hilson, Sheila Mannix, I.S. Rowley, Richard Foreman, Jay Ramsay, Alison Winch, Andrew Taylor, Alan Baker, Sophie Herxheimer, L. Kiew, Ric Hool, S.J. Litherland, Rachael Clyne, Andrew Shelley, Tom Cowin, Morag Kiziewicz, Matt Bryden, Jessica Mookherjee, John Phillips, Ian Brinton & Michael Grant trans. Mallarmé, Terence J. Dooley trans. Mario Martin Giljó, Greg Bachar, Jennifer K. Dick, Matthew Carbery, Mark Goodwin, Aidan Semmens, Peter Dent, Sarah Cave, Julie Irigaray and Maria Isokova Bennett. The critical section features John Freeman on Jim Burns: Poet as Witness, Andrew Henon on Timeless Man: Sven Berlin, Mary Woodward on Rosemary Tonks & Veronica Forrest-Thomson, Jeremy Reed on John Wieners, Norman Jope on Chris McCabe, Marsha de la O in conversation with John Brantingham, Neil Leadbeater on Jeremy Hilton, Nancy Gaffield on Geraldine Monk, Lesley Saunders on Alice Miller, Belinda Cooke on Carole Satyamurti, Steve Spence on Dear World and Everyone in it David Caddy on Andrew Lees’ Mentored by a Madman, Nigel Wood & Alan Halsey, Duncan Mackay on E.E. Cummings
, Notes on Contributors, and Ian Brinton’s Afterword.

It was also lovely to share in the launch reading evening at Spoken Word for the new issue--and to see the surprised faces of the designer, editors and support authors (Bruce Edward Sherfield at the left, Vincent Chabany-Douarre in middle and Troy Yorke, pictured on right) as the issue was unveiled: 
Photo: Sabine Dundure Photography

Sunday, October 09, 2016

Ivy this Tuesday with Nicolas Tardy and Geneva Chao

In case you are free and in Paris: I am excited to be meeting these two authors in person for the first time and to hear their work! At 19h30, 34 bvd bonne nouvelle in Paris. M° Bonne nouvelle