Friday, September 27, 2013

Reading in Paris the 28th Sept at 19h30!

I (Jennifer K Dick), Susana Sulic and Jacques de Longeville will be celebrating the art show by Giorgio Fidone with a trilingual reading and performance night Saturday the 28th of September AT 19H30 at the MEDIATHEQUE Marguerite Audoux 10 rue Portefoin Paris 3ème. We made the art book ONDULATIONS together a few years ago on the kind invitation of Giorgio and this will be a fun reunion event. We hope you will be able to join us.
Come visit the EXPOSITION Giorgio FIDONE and stay for the  LECTURE-PERFORMANCE Samedi 28 Septembre à 19h30 avec Jennifer K. Dick, Jacques de Longeville, Susana Sulic. Texte de présentation Gaya Goldcymer MEDIATHEQUE Marguerite Audoux 10 rue Portefoin Paris 3ème

Friday, September 13, 2013

Cutbank's 40th anniversary anthology, Similar Peaks, Vlak, Tears in the Fence, Paris Lit Up: poems arriving soon in these great venues!

Tour de l'Europe icon in the bldg elevator
Fall is underway here in Mulhouse where the quiet of the streets is a radical change from bustling NYC, and the long days and nights are all about the silence of reflection and perspective--looking back over the summer and forward towards the academic year and many writing projects . The cool seems to have descended upon us all at once, too, as if a reminder that it is time to get to work. And it looks like many magazine editors are also hard at work, combing through their piles of summer submissions and making decisions. It is thus with great pleasure that my fall has begun with some exciting just out and forthcoming publication news: POEMS appearing in October, November and December

Forthcoming poems“After the Beheading” and “Apparition” will be in the new, online literary magazine Similar Peaks. headed by David Blumenshine and Rachel Burns alongside poetry editors Jessica Linde Hiestand and Carleen Tibbets.  They are still getting their website in order, but with a little work you can find  poems and images from their first issue, including exciting work by Dara Wier, Paige Taggart and others, as well as information in case you want to consider sending them your own work at:

A Slim Box of Her” and Take Cover” have been accepted for publication in Tears in the Fence, issue 58 due out in winter 2013/2014, Dorchester, UK. Edited for almost 30 years now by David Caddy, this print-only lit mag including poems from authors around the globe as well as a really hefty reviews and articles section in each issue has a fairly new website up and running at: Feel free to help them keep going by purchasing back issues or subscribing to forthcoming issues via:
9 prose poems from the CERN 200 project I am working on (“CERN 13” “CERN 18-22” and “CERN 38-40”) as well as three prose poems from the chapbook Conversion (Estepa Editions, France) under the title “Making a Message of Things” will be appearing in Vlak, number 4, published by the Philosophy Faculty of Charles University in Prague (as well as sites in London, New York, Paris, Melbourne and Amsterdam). Vlak Magazine is edited by the team of Louis Armand, David Vichnar, Edmund Berrigan, Ali Alizadeh, Stephen J. Fowler, Olga Peková, Jane Lewty, and Stephen Mooney. They also publish eBooks and are partnered with the print book press: Equus Press. This issue will also include work by Vanessa Place, Alice Notley, Frederic Forte, Anselm Berrigan, Marjorie Welish and many other exciting poets that I am totally honored to be published with (see for a list). The issue is forthcoming on October 8, 2013. To pre-order, to order back issues, or to learn more about VLAK, see V+L-A=K at: The publishers will be in Paris participating in readings on Oct 10th with Paris Lit Up and October 12 with a special Vlak event--where you can pick up YOUR copy of Vlak!

A prose poem “Battleships and Battalions” from the forthcoming chapbook Conversion (Estepa Editions, France) will appear in Paris Lit Up magazine's inaugural edition, volume one, issue 1, October 2013, edited by Helen Cusack O’Keeffe, Jason Francis Mc Gimsey, Kate Noakes and Julie Poole. For more news on this magazine, keep your eye on: There will be a BIG LAUNCH EVENT on Oct 11th in Paris at POP IN with bands, authors and more! (and which I will be reading at as well).

ANTHOLOGY: Cutbank's 40th anniversary collection (online and print anthology). For those of you in MONTANA, Cutbank Magazine edited by Rachel Mindell is preparing for their 40th year anthology with a reading event and fundraiser. I will have work in this collection, extracts from Enclosure published in Cutbank issue 67. Keep up to date on this event, or on Cutbank at: Also, as a little self promo, I would like to mention to those of you who have not seen it, that my book CIRCUITS was also recently reviewed on the Cutbank website by Matt Reeck, which you can read online at: To attend the Cutbank anthology fundraiser event, see image at the right for details. Watch their site as well for more news regarding the fortcoming publication of their print and online 40th anniversary anthology or their opening submission period (Oct-Feb) coming soon!

recently published:
BOOK just out / ready for order:
Jennifer K Dick et Stephanie Schwerter, Traduire, transmettre ou trahir: Réflexions sur la traduction en sciences humaines (2013) now available for order from the Éditions de la Maison des sciences de l'homme, Paris.

« La revue de Pierre Albert-Birot. SIC prend l’extrême pointe de l’avant-garde pendant la Première Guerre mondiale » by Jennifer K Dick is in Poétiques scientifiques dans les revues européennes de la modernité (1900-1940), sous la direction de Noëlle Cuny et Tania Collani, ISBN 978-2-8124-0866-3 (livre broché) ; ISBN 978-2-8124-1097-0 (livre relié) © 2013. Classiques Garnier, Paris, (461p.), pp. 287-303.LANGUAGE: FRENCH--for English readers, this chapter is available in the new Classiques Garnier, Paris, book edited by Noëlle Cuny and Tania Collani, a volume in French. (Hardback is 54euros, soft is 35euros)

If you have not yet and you would like to read the FREE PDF of the online magazine Seventeen Seconds: A Journal of Poetry and Poetics, Ottawa, Canada, issue 7, June 2013, with my essay on Susan Howe (pp7-24): the PDF link is HERE: