Monday, March 24, 2008

What's in those journals? Sampling of my collages.

"WHAT'S ... FRACTURED IS PERMANENT--THIS ANGLE HAS A LIFE OF YOUR OWN. YOU'RE GUIDED BY REFRACTION" (after an art show in the 6th, image on the right is a modified painting by unknown artist (sorry!) : FYI--click on images to see them large.

"Season Shift. Whisper White from passing overland. Beyond, the naked tree." (journal, after afternoon walk in fall, 2004, Tree from La Napoule.)

After JEAN BAZAINE'S "Artworks acceptied in Lieu" with paragraphs from texts supplied by Pompidou, 2006. Colorful abstractions by me, a little what not to accompany what CP called"cette faim violente d'une réalité 'extérieure', qui prend lentement la forme de notre réalité la plus secrète...l'abime se fait plus mystérieux, plus indéchiffrable à chaque plongée." Some of Bazine's works (writing and images) are available in books, i.e. chez Seuil.

L'AMOUR, CHEZ ELLE, EST SANS CONTOURS...LE JEUX MERVEILLEUX ET INULTILE... passion of Lichetenstein in Paris, yes, 50's encapsulated women pedestal-heads and chairs in the blue light, "Je savais bien que j'étais une fille et que je n'allais certes pas me transformer en homme, mais des choses restaient floues.." accompanied in this journal by a series of quotes heard during the Clermont-Ferrant conference 'Voi(e)x des Autres' on women's poetry (XIXe-XXIe centuries) such as this morceau by Maryline Desbiolles, or the other in blue here by Patrizia Cavalli. Stamps from the USA & Italia, small snippet also from a painting by Bernard Buffet, a bit of a door top right. Other colors by me, closure for another journal, another series of scraps of yet another life...

ARTICULATION OF SHADOW, body in pieces, the head of a dress a red maiden...a headless dress is :

Why waste a good visit to the Pompidou? This is a draft for a poem scribbled on one of my visits last summer (2007) to see the wonderful Les Messagers show, a retrospective of works by Annette Messager, pictured at the left by one of her series that (for me!) evokes masks, dreams, nightmares, bats...

FIONA Shaw in Deborah Warner's production at Chaillot of Samuel Beckett's "Oh Les Beaux Jours" in Sept 2007
("The body stuck in the mobile, the perhaps future we all live or could if not so") Collage & detail of collage using the show's program, my ticket to show, ("In the root system of a self to keep to be") journal pages of my words on the show, ("About age? Time? Time in slo-mo in a stop-time place of abandonnment.") scribblings over materials ("in a 'Willie!' echo of a past") with pens, white out, & colored markers (in the setting the rubble piece echo of a war-torn London sort of beach resort too grottoed).

Sunday, March 02, 2008

New on Shelves: Anthologies, Translations & Poems

As the French say « parutions » :
so here are some recent—& older—appearances to check out.

JUST OUT : & recently reviewed, is New European Poets, edited & compiled By Kevin Prufer & Wayne Miller, with the help of a series of guest editors.

I have some translations in this issue, thanks to Marilyn Hacker—the editor of the French & other sections—inviting me to contribute, of two poems by Christophe Lamiot Enos. I am thrilled to help his work get to Anglo readers, especially as he is an excellent translator into French of American & English poetry. As for the anthology, it is a wonderful collection, “The poetry in New European Poets is fiercely intelligent, often irreverent, & engaged with history & politics. The range of aesthetics & styles is exhilarating” as the blurb says. (Cover design © Kimberly Glyder Design)

"New European Poets collects, for the first time, the work of poets from the latter twentieth century & the beginning of the twenty-first, together with new generations of translators of the poetry of Europe. For this impressive undertaking, for the knowledge, discernment & generosity of its editors, my gratitude is immense." —Carolyn Forché.
See it/buy yourself or a friend a copy, order it for classroom use via: clicking Here

FORTHCOMING: University of Iowa Press will be publishing the 12x12 anthology selected & edited by Christina Mengert & Joshua Marie Wilkinson In which I have some poems along with a “dialogue” interview with Laura Mullen, my once MFA thesis advisor & an author who has given me a great deal intellectually, formally as a writer, & as a friend & reader. I am really proud to be part of this 24-author anthology made up of many of my favourite people to read, so check back to hear more as the anthology goes to press!!! Congrats also to Christina & Joshua for their hard work on this!

REVIEWED: I want to thank Cecilia Woloch for what I found to be a really thoughtful review of my book Fluorescence & which appeared this past fall in Poetry International. The To order a copy of the review, subscribe, submit, etc CLICK HERE. It also has an excelent feature on Mexican Poetry Today (section edited by Jacobo Sefami) including the works of José Emilio Pacheco, David Huerta, José Luis Rivas, Mariá Baranda, Jorge Fernández Granados, Mariá Rivera, Dolores Dorantes, Alberto Blanco, Myriam Moscona, Gloria Gervitz, Tomás Segovia, Coral Bracho, Roció Cerón, Luis Cortés Bargalló, Laura Solórzano, Esther Seligson, Gerardo Deniz + New poems from lots of authors, translations, exciting book reviews, & more!

BROADSIDES FOR FREE: Also, thinking back to the time of Fluorescence, I went to CA & had a Cobalt Reading Series Broadside made. To see it & others, check out (click): "broadsides" including mine with the poem “As in, beginnings” downloadable for free, & from the reading in 2004, is really fun (or was for me!) to check out by clicking on the title above or cutting and pasting in the following link for "As in, beginnings" by Jennifer K Dick:

FORTHCOMING : Watch for poems “Articulation of Shadow”, “A Stanza in the snow as Equal” & “A slim box of her” coming out from Elisa McCool’s new/re-newed magazine, Come Hither. More news on that as it surfaces, but you may meet Elisa round Paris if you are here, she is an excitingthe spring semester—so keep on the look out for her own poems, & a chance to chat with her about author with lots going on, living in Paris through writing, too!!!!

I am also waiting to see translations of Albane Gellé’s work in CONDUIT, so will let you know as that comes about.

Always available by Jennifer K Dick: FLUORESCENCE (Univ of GA Press, 2004), ENCLOSURES (Blazevox Press ebook, 2007) or Retina/Rétine (Esteppa Editions Art/chapbook with trans by Rémi Bouthonnier and artwork by Kate Van Houten, 2005)