Monday, January 25, 2021

Jennifer K Dick texts on THE END OF NOW

The weirdest writing project I have participated in? The End of Now a very exciting, engaged group reflecting on collaborative artististic and curatorial processes. On the BRIDGES part of the site, you click words to see "stars" with my texts in them. Origins of this?: A group of researchers asked me to take their piles of dossiers and reflections about their projects and sort of "make poems". Which I did. And (rarer than rare for an author) I got some money for doing this. I also participated in a lot of conversations about the making of the site, which is visually lovely but still hard to navigate. The unfortunate side of things is that as the work went on and people grew tired, I was never informed that the work had been published in the visual play site format we had been struggling with. This form that we had worked on for awhile together. SO, no where on this site, or around these poems, is it revealed that this is my writing. But it is. And it was a lot of fun to work with them on this. And I hope you will therefore enjoy these random "stars"

So, find a constellation in the BRIDGES section of the website: Open a star by clicking on it. Read ad hoc the bits and bobs which emerged a few years ago from this project. But also I had fun hyperlinking back through elements of the project and previous projects and to other videos and texts and art pieces that were part of our ongoing dialogue at the time. So enjoy the work by others these small bits of text spiral out to!