Monday, December 07, 2015

NO TITLE by Jennifer K Dick from Estepa Editions

Kate Van Houten's eternally surprising artbook press, Estepa Editions, has put out a limited edition of 40 numbered art chapbooks of my poem "No Title", for last week's PAGES artbook fair. Copies may now be ordered directly from the press (and you can also pay by paypal) for 10 euros (email estepa [dot] editions [at] gmail [dot] com) to purchase. 

On rare Italian paper, the inside poem is printed on is a lovely soft
beige page which contrasts with the cover which is a heavier grey tone folded over a slate blue carton. The nuances between these muted grey-beige and the black and white of the printing reflect the poem itself, in what is written over, named, erased, lost. The i.d. photos referenced in the poem are also echoed in the formatting on the cover of  the title and author name--they are embedded in a block of black, the "No Title" almost being lost there. Once opened, the poem inside the book folds out xylaphone style to be read all at once but tucks back into the cover for easy storage. 

I am thrilled with this new object including this highly personal poem I wrote after the mer méditerranée show and the piece "Noiseless" by Rabih Mroué in Mulhouse, France on 13 nov 2015. This is the third art book Kate and I have put out. The first Retina/Rétine (2007) is sold out, but copies of the second Conversions (2014) a book of folio images and poems in a handmade box holder is also still available, 50euros. And I am working on a set of poems based on some of Kate Van Houten's new art (her sculptures and paintings) so perhaps watch for news of another collaboration in 2016!