Thursday, April 09, 2020

Video Readings and Projects

Here are a few links to recent videos of me reading:
1) April 2020: In lieu of reading in Ypsilanti, MI, I made an in-quarantine reading of ASM (Arctic Shield Mission) with background sounds. This is from SHELF BREAK, a manuscript in process.

2) In lieu of reading in Athens, GA at Avid Books, I made this in-quarantine reading of Timber Hitch, a poem which appears in Jacket2 HERE. This poem is also from SHELF BREAK, a manuscript in process. Video here:

3) A reading by my of my translation of the amazing poet Virginie Poitrasson. Here we are on stage for the Paris Lit Up launch in Fall 2015.

4) A snippet from the middle of salon house reading in New Orleans, LA at the end of February, before Lisa Pasold and I set off on the road across the south reading and doing workshops. Filmed by Bremner Duthie. (this gets a bit better sound quality wise towards the end). I am reading an extract from LILITH: A Novel in Fragments (Corrupt, 2019).

5) A section of LILITH: A NOVEL IN FRAGMENTS (Corrput, 2019) recorded in lieu of reading on the 19th of April in Athens, GA though only posted up online in April 2020:

6) Participation as filmer in LE FILM DES INSTANTS / THE FILM OF MOMENTS, collaborative project orchestrated by Frank Smith where 52 people filmed 1 minute from their windows on 29 March 2020 during set times to make this 12-12:53 film. : on VIMEO at:

7) A not-new reading video, but for your interest for anyone who has not seen it, made by Lisa Pasold in 2017. Radial. At:

8) I am also one of the voices and poets reading during the film LE MOULIN, by Gilles Weinzaepflan. My reading part begins at 8m50. I am reading an extract of the poem Collectif: that appears in my forthcoming book THAT WHICH I TOUCH HAS NO NAME (Eyewear, Oct 2020): 

9) LECTURE pour en français:

10) Reading at the Tears in The Fence poetry festival, Fall 2014. Introduction by David Caddy. Filmed by Tom Kiziewicz and Georgie McGregor, Produced by Andrew Henon with thanks to Somerset Film. In this video I do calm down a bit after those first few nervous minutes. I read the poems "Animal Logic", "The Memory Machine", taken from by book CIRCUITS (Corrupt, 2013) and a selection of CERN poems:

11) Also: film of my installation in Basel at the SBB: