Friday, May 28, 2021

INVITATION to DIVE IN WRITING WORKSHOP Recycling and Recyclages 3 June 2021 8pm Paris time, 2pm East Coast USA time

"writing: recycling and recyclages"
A generative, open-genre workshop offered
by Jennifer K Dick and Lisa Pasold

online  via FB livestream link
20-22h Paris time for DIVE IN

The Dive In is a celebration of cultural diversity in the arts featuring writers and musicians from France, the US, UK, Peru, Canada, Ireland, and beyond, all coming together to raise money by entertaining you. This year we're raising money for Frank Water, a charity that works to improve access to safe water, sanitation & hygiene in India & Nepal:

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION  "writing: recycling and recyclages"
A generative, open-genre workshop offered by Jennifer K Dick and Lisa Pasold

        In connection with Dive-In’s focus on raising funds for environmental causes, this workshop will reconsider the pages of language we often automatically trash in our lives, and the objects, debris and linguistic fields they are often connected to. In short, over our two hours together you will be prompted to “recycle” the scraps of advertising, packaging, labels and other tidbits of language that arrive at your home into a variety of texts. Collage and writing, epistolary forms and performance will be among the topics covered. Come with pen, paper and a pile of about-to-get-binned junk mail, packaging labels, etc. In any language!
          Suggestion: to get into the groove, check out “Dump (‘Dance This Mess Around’) by Laura Mullen in The Volta’s special issue on trash:, pick up a copy of AR Ammons Garbage or any one of the books in the series of drafts by Rachel Blau DuPlessis, or see Anna Swanson’s interactive hypertext recycling series “garbage poems” at:

I will be offering, with Lisa Pasold, this FREE workshop on for DIVE IN.  Free. Free, but PLEASE DONATE TO THEIR CAUSE: see gofundme for a clean water project in INDIA and NEPAL.

Here's the DIVE IN link to our GoFundMe, hoping to at least raise £1000

ALL whole week for DIVE in events are happening and we are thrilled to be part of it!
Here is the events page on FB where ALL of the action will happen as a Livestream event. Lisa and I will be offering our workshop here too!