Sunday, October 20, 2013

La pirate Jennifer K Dick, uh, non, c'est Jacob Dark dans la revue Invece n°1 chez Al Dante, France

For my friends who read French, there was a fun project organized by Julien Blaine around the history of the 17th and 18th century women pirates MARY READ and ANNE BONNY. Blaine called for work on pirates, pirating and the such for a special number of a review, INVECE. This volume just came out (Invece n° 1, Octobre 2013) and is able to be ordered now via the Al Dante publishers' website. Below you will find the info to order a copy as well as images of my contribution to the issue. The authors and artists included in Invece n°1 are: 
Daphné Bitchatch, Maxime H. Pascal, Marie Poitevin, Christine Bergez, Colette Ruch, Liliane Giraudon, Michèle Métail, Constance Aquaviva, Claire Cuenot, Nat Yot, Sylvie Durbec, Rita Bassil El Ramy, Clémentine Fort, Orlan, Suzy Sulic, Marie Colvin, Nathalie Heidsieck, Laurence Denimal, Nicole Benkemoun, Nadine Agostini, Isabelle Maunet, Fabienne Letang, Tita Reut, Sarah Trouche, Sofia Burns, Sophie Loizeau, Esther Ferrer, Hélène Matte, Cécile Richard, Marina Mars, Édith Azam, Léonine, Claudie Lenzi, Nicole Peyrafitte, Frédérique Guétat-Liviani, BRAM (Carole Lataste et Marta Jonville), Florence Pazzottu, Valentine Verhaeghe et Anne-Lise Dehée, Marie Étienne, Vanina Maestri, Anne Kawala, Myriam Laplante, Joëlle Gardes, Katalin Ladik, Jennifer K. Dick, Hélène Sanguinetti, Laurence Vielle, Nathalie Thibat, Les 4 piratesses (Miramonde, Gratianne, Anthonine & Sara), Hortense Gauthier, Agnès Verrier, Anne Bony, Elena Maschi.
ISBN : 978-2-84761-785-6
13 x 17 cm | 176 pages quadri | 15€

in INVECE n° 1, sous le thème "Mary Read et ses accolytes", publié chez Al Dante, France, revue dirigée par Julien Blaine, octobre 2013 

"(A)mener en bateau...?"  (pp 115-116 et 116-117) Here below is the PP 116-117 text with images. Ce texte a été écrit en français (ce n'est pas une traduction). Pour commander un exemplaire et pour lire l'appel à contributions:


Tuesday, October 08, 2013

October and November 2013 conference talks and readings in Paris, Barcelona and Brussels!

Paris-Barcelona-Brussels! Where to find me!

Friday the 11th Oct— PARIS: reading

from 8pm-2am: Reading as part of the Paris Lit Up launch: 120 Pages. 45 Writers. 4 Bands. 1 DJ! Paris Lit Up is more than proud to present the first-ever issue of our new Paris Lit Up Magazine! A night of reading, drinking, dancing with Paris’ most misbehaved poets, writers, musicians and artists.

READINGS at random by our contributors: Ivy Alvarez • Scott Batty • Patrick Cash • Tony Curtis • Amanda Dennis • Jennifer K. Dick • Claire Dyer • Michaela A. Gabriel • Lucy Gellman • Kate Haddigan • Sven Hansen-Löve • AF Harrold • Lin Heggem • Rafael Herrero • Bibi Jacob • Kyle Jenkins • Emily Ruck Keene • Patrick Kilmartin • Wendy Klein • Antonia Alexandra Klimenko • Anna-May Laugher • James Loks • Viola Manfra • Barbara Marsh • Pansy Maurer- Alvarez • Jason Francis Mc Gimsey • James Navé • Kate Noakes • Alistair Noon • Helen Cusack O’Keeffe • Griffin Payne • JP Poole • Bill Raschen • Sue Rose • John Rosser • Karin Schmike • Dan Shylan • Zamira Skalkottas • Demian Smith • Todd Swift • David Tait • Bianca Alice Walker • Kirby Wright • Peter Wyton • Liz Young.
MUSICIANS Playing live: The Umbilical Chords, The Bowling Team, Boato Brunello Duo, The Freres and DJ Sven Löve.

AT: the Pop In, 105, rue Amelot, 75011 Paris, France, for more

Saturday the 12th of Oct—PARIS: reading/performance

at 19h  An in-house READING and celebration for the
publication of issue 4 of VLAK magazine out of Prague. I am thrilled to have 2 series of poems in the magazine! I will be reading new poems from the CERN project, and a few others. VLAK 4 readers will include publishers and authors from Prague, Paris and Amsterdam—Louis Armand, Andrew Hodgson, Jane Lewty, David Vichnar, Jennifer K Dick & surprise guests (both musical and literary)! drinks at 7pm and readings starting at 7:30pm. For bios of the authors, see the FB invite page: Address: 4 Villa Marcel Lods, 75019 Paris (off passage de l’Atlas)—as this event is in a private home, please email me to get codes or call me if you have my cell number.

16th to 18th October 2013—Paris (Yvelines et Nanterre Universities): Conference

“La Poésie hors le livre” colloque: lasts 3 days
Photo by JK Dick, Paris wall, 2012
and is in MANY locations (so look carefully at the schedule for place and maps). I will be speaking EN FRANCAIS in the panel Poésie graphique, poésie urbaine on the 17th of Oct (14h30-18h) presided by Pascal Brissette (université McGill). I will be giving my talk at 15h30 with the marathon title « Poésie vs publicité: les espaces limitrophes entre le design, l'image et la littérature dans l'époque de la prédominance économique ». This panel also includes the following speakers and talks:  

14h30 – Patrick Suter (université de Berne), « Par-delà les frontières du codex, nouveaux espaces du livre poétique ».

15h – Fanny Delbreilh (Équipe Anthropologie de l’écriture – EHESS), « Les écritures situationnistes dans la ville : poésie, action, contestation (1952-1972) ».

15h30 – Jennifer K. Dick (université de Haute-Alsace), « Poésie vs publicité: les espaces limitrophes entre le design, l'image et la littérature dans l'époque de la prédominance économique ».

16h30 – Camille Vorger (université de Lausanne), « Essai de slamologie ».

17h20 – Karim Hammou (Centre Norbert Elias), « Approches du rap comme forme poétique ».

For a complete schedule AND ADDRESSES and MAPS for the three days of talks and events, see: For talks on the 17th: Université Paris-Ouest Nanterre la Défense, Salle des conférences, bâtiment B (200, avenue de la République, 92001 Nanterre cedex – RER A, station « Nanterre université).

Wednesday, October 30th—BARCELONA: reading
Photo from

at 20h30 : Jennifer K Dick will be reading for the Trilengua Series with Michelle Noteboom, Paris-based poet, Nicky Thornton, an English fiction writer who lives in Barcelona, Bonny Finberg, a NY-based author of prose and poetry, and Sonia Barba, a Spanish poet-actress-director. Organized by Georgina and Ed. AT: the Trilengua Series, 7 Sins, Muntaner 7, Barcelona, Spain.

Friday November 1st—BARCELONA: reading

at 21h 4 authors from the States will read in Barcelona! Jennifer K Dick, Michelle Noteboom, Carlos Cabrera, and Bonny Finberg will read in English for The Collage Series. Event organized by Edward Smallfield, publisher and editor of Apogee Books. AT: the Collage Series, Sant Salvador 96, Barcelona, Spain.

7th and 8th November 2013—BRUSSELS:  Conference:

"Moving Back and Forth between Poetry and/as Translation: Nomadic Travels and Travails with Alice Notley and Pierre Joris". I will be giving the talk "Character and Allegory in Pierre Joris and Alice Notley’s Writing—Reading as a Nomadic Experience" as part of the Broken Continuum and Reinvigorated Multiplicities: The Nomadics of Collective Being panel from 11:15 – 12:45 on Friday the 8th alongside Zoë SKOULDING and Harriet TARLO. The morning schedule starts with a keynote lecture by Alice Notley, followed by our panel:

10:00 – 11:00 Keynote Lecture by Alice NOTLEY (poet, USA): "The No Poetics: The Woman Who Counted Crossties"

11:00 – 11:15 Coffee break

11:15 – 12:45 Fourth Panel Session:  Broken Continuum and Reinvigorated Multiplicities: The Nomadics of Collective Being

·  SKOULDING, Zoë (Bangor University, UK): "'& in ongoingness' 'of voices': Speech, Song and Citation in the Poetry of Alice Notley and Pierre Joris."

·  DICK, Jennifer K. (Université de Haute Alsace, France): "Character and Allegory in Pierre Joris and Alice Notley’s Writing—Reading as a Nomadic Experience."

·  TARLO, Harriet (Sheffield Hallam University, UK): "'We are all in need of becoming archeologists of the morning after': the Implications of Pierre Joris’s Nomadic Poetics in, of and for the Open Field of Ecopoetics."

For the other readings and keynote lectures by Pierre Joris and Alice Notley as well as a schedule of the two days of talks by academics and authors speaking about Notley and Joris, see: All talks and readings will all be held AT: La Maison des Arts de l'ULB, Avenue Jeanne, 56, 1050 Bruxelles, Belgium

ORGANIZING for other authors--events in English and in French:
If you won't be able to find me at events I am participating in, perhaps you can join me as an audience member for the events I am co-curating and am thrilled to be introducing!:

Tuesdays Oct 22nd, Nov 12th and Dec 10th—PARIS!

IVY Writers bilingual readings at 19h30 for these 3 fabulous events keep your eye the schedule and more at: or join our FB group. Co-curated with Jacob Bromberg and Michelle Noteboom.

Sunday Nov 17th—MULHOUSE!

Ecrire l’Art 15h lecture-performance de Michaël Batalla at
La Kunsthalle Mulhouse! Co-curated event with Emilie George and Sandrine Wymann. See notices about this at: and on