Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More Collages, after all, why not?

Midnight Poems was a project with Michelle Noteboom, Lisa Pasold & Barbara Beck where we all wrote whatever came to mind at MIDNIGHT for 10 (or 11, who is counting?) nights straight, then we typed up these whatnots and shared them, each of us using this raw material as a basis for a series of poems we called works "orchestrated" by one of us, though evidently making use of the language by all of us. I also did a few collages, and here are three (the blue above, and two of the black and white ones below)

As I get ready to move, things emerge from old nooks and crannies of this place, and thus I rediscovered these old collages in a notebook from years ago. Yes, Sean, you are looking dandy in this! And so to end this post, here are a few more images.