Monday, June 24, 2013

Readings Readings step right up--the 24th and 29th June 2013 plus new poetics publications

Bhopal's Flowers playing in Mulhouse, Pl de la Réunion
The end of June is nigh, we did our fête de la musique to officially ring in summer on the solstice (photo Mulhouse, center stage, with the Bhopal's Flowers lead singer up their strummin and hummin for us!) and yet the summer is not yet so very summery. It is like being up in the North Woods on some Canadian lake with a strong, cool breeze but also some nice, clear days with afternoons that are reminiscent of Hemingway's Nick Adams stories. And much is underway. First--for anyone in Paris, please come out and see me this week if you have the time! I am reading twice and attending many other readings and vernissages this week.

IVY WRITERS exciting event for Color Treasury--June 24th at 19h30: Color Treasury is a small artbook press based in Texas and Paris here to read from work and launch new works. Authors who are part of the initial newspaper-style magazine COLOR TREASURY 003 will be reading at this event, as will art chapbook Paris-based author Jonathan Regier (for COLOR TREASURY 002) and NY author who works for New Directions and NY Book Review, Jeffrey Yang. These two fabulous featured poets will be accompanied by myself, Jennifer K Dick, as well as founder of the press and publisher Sarah Lariviere, and poets and artists included in the magazine Christine Herzer and Jacob Bromberg. We promise to make this a lovely, low-key evening of conversation and good poetry. Works from the newspaper by poets who are not able to be present will also be shared.
Jeffrey Yang, 

Jonathan Regier, 

Sarah Lariviere, 

Christine Herzer,

Jennifer K Dick 


Jacob Bromberg


34 blvd Bonne Nouvelle, 

75010 Paris, 


AT 19h30 

le 24 juin 2013

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See more about Color Treasury at:  

SATURDAY 29th June REID HALL translation seminar reading to close off what will begin tomorrow--a long, exciting week of poetic exchanges and translations. I am very very excited to be working with Jean-Michel Espitallier and cannot wait to see what we decide to work on this week. SO JOIN US for the closing reading and sharing of the week-long productions:


Chet Wiener

Esther Tellermann

Omar Berrada

Sarah Riggs

Jennifer K. Dick

Jean-Michel Espitallier 

Jody Pou

Jean-Jacques Poucel

Abigail Lang

Thalia Field

Nous célébrerons les traductions et les collaborations qui auront été faites au cours du séminaire de traduction Tamaas autour d’un verre et en bonne compagnie. /// We'll be toasting the mutual translations and collaborative projects we've been working on during the previous week's seminar with a glass of wine and good company.
Saturday June 29, 2013/samedi 29 juin
Reid Hall 
4 rue de Chevreuse
75006 Paris
métro Vavin 
Organized by Sarah Riggs and Cole Swensen   
with the association Tamaas:

THEN Announcing also a few PUBLICATIONS:
First off, if you have not seen it, the beautiful new ISSUE 11 is out from VERSAL. For a Jounal is a Fish, as you will see, and this one is worth netting! DO order a copy and help keep us thriving. It is a great summer gift for yourself or a friend or a dozen friends! Info on ordering is at:

ONLINE I invite you to read my book review of that MASSIVE collected works by Else Von Freytag-Loringhoven which is now up on Drunken Boat issue 17:  "Joyriding the Subtext: A Glimpse of Elsa Von Freytag Loringhoven's Uncensored Writings" at Yes, I know, it is a wordy review for a wordy book!

And just going up is the newest poetry and poetics issue 7 (lucky number!) of Canadian magazine "17 seconds" (anyone else noticing an echo of 7s and 17s?) in which I have an essay up on Susan Howe's poetic collage essay on Chris Marker called 'Invisible Collisions: Considering Susan Howe’s Reform of the Poetic, Critical and Autobiographical Essay'. My essay about essays and Howe's work will be available at: later this week, so check it out! IT is a revised talk from the SAES conference in 2009 and has been seeking a home and time to settle. Feel free to share your reactions too! I am really excited to be in an issue of "17 seconds" even though I am not a Canadian! Excellent poetry and interviews and writing on poetry can be found there. Check out their past issues while waiting for this newest one to go up!

Note for French readers: Susan Howe's essay that my work is discussing has been translated beautifully and skillfully into French by Béatrice Vilgrain and Bernard Rival at Théâtre Typographique (in the collection DEUX ET) and for anyone who does not know the original English text, it was anthologized in a film studies book in the States. 

As for poetry--a new chapbook with Estepa Editions and artwork by Kate Van Houten will be out in Fall 2013. It is called CORRUPTION and a small selection from it will be appearing in the Paris Lit Up magazine and 3 others appeared in Color Treasury 003. So come by the reading and take a peek!

Sunday, June 02, 2013

VERSAL 11 is out now--order, subscribe, admire, hook this FISH of an issue--a real whale filled with delightful poetry and prose and art

It looks like it was a great great launch the other day when VERSAL 11 hit the stands and celebrated with readings and art in Amsterdam! What does this mean now? Well, YOU can order YOUR OWN copy at:

And here are a few great pictures by one of Versal's poetry editors Anna Arov from the Versal 11 launch:
Anna Arov and Jane Lewty hold up new ISSUE 11 of VERSAL Journal at the Amsterdam launch
Editors Daniel Cecil and Shayna Schapp readind selections at the VERSAL 11 launch

Live drawing of astronaut during Versal 11 launch by The London Police
On sale now! Anna Arov (right) with others selling and admiring copies of VERSAL at the issue 11 launch!
Editor in Chief and founder Megan Garr has spearheaded her team into creating yet another journal of amazing writing and art. It is Megan's energy and talent and commitment to literature that have brought this into this world! I, personally, am really really proud to have been part of those selecting the poetry for this gorgeous issue! THANKS also to the AUTHORS AND WRITERS who contributed work to this issue and to those who keep versal going by SUBSCRIBING, donating and getting issues for themselves and friends--thus keeping that money part flowing!

Keep up on all things VERSAL by:
Following the Versal Blog at:
"Like" versal on FB at:
Check in on the WordsInHere site from time to time at:

VERSAL welcomes subscribers and reviews for the new issue
We will be back accept submissions for Versal 12 from mid-Sept 2013 onwards. Get a copy of issue 11 to see how your work might also fit our magazine!:

Review excerpts of past issues:
Versal 10 is a stunning powerhouse of contemporary writing and art—one that reflects the commitment of its editors, writers, and readers, and shows us how much there is to celebrate, how much there is to notice, how much to believe.
Callista Buchen, The Review Review

Versal is the best literary journal in English coming out of Europe.
Penelope Fletcher, founder and owner, The Red Wheelbarrow, Paris

Listed among the "top indie innovators" in Poets & Writers Magazine, November/December 2010

The Versal 11 launch poster from the May 30th event.