Sunday, December 02, 2007

JKD at POEZIBAO on Florence Trocmé’s Anthologie Permanente

For those of you not in France, or as of yet unaware of the astounding resource for poetry-lovers that the site POEZIBAO (written & run by FLORENCE TROCME) offers, let me just say, check it out! I do, of course, mention this today as I am thrilled to have made my first poetry entry onto the site! Yes, see for 2 translations into French [one by Jacques Demarcq (+click his name here & you can also see his own works & hear him read his own poems!) & the other by Christophe Lamiot Enos(+click his name to see work by him at Poezibao, too!)] from my chapbook Enclosure (a Blazevox ebook, directly at: for those who have forgotten the English text!), called En Clos in French.

I’m pretty psyched to be included in Poezibao! It’s a site I have been reading for years—& thanks to Jacques & Christophe, I now have some poems out there in French in cyberspace, too!

FYI on POEZIBAO: it hosts hundreds of author bios, reviews of work, listings for forthcoming literary events in Paris as well as other parts of France. Florence Trocme has also conducted debates, posed & responded to poetry-related questions (I was part of those who responded to a questionnaire on women & writing/publishing), & she has written on this site many reviews of readings past, catching authors in photos, capturing at times unexpected first meetings between poets. POEZIBAO is a space to watch: keep an eye out for new poetry book suggestions, or notes on exciting new critical or interview books focused on POETRY & poets! In the early stages of this site, one would run into Florence at practically any event one went to, where she was snapping pics & jotting down notes for postings she made later that same evening! This love of poetry, of the written, read, performed, reflected-upon aspects of the poetic word which Florence Trocmé is committed whole-heartedly to, is rare & energizing.

L'ANTHOLOGIE PERMANENTE: What’s more, Florence runs a daily “Anthologie Permanente” where she posts daily a few poems by an author of her choice. This is where my poems appeared. She said that at first she tried to have one woman, one man rotations, but this has fluctuated over time. However, this attention to gender-equality in publishing, her commitment not only to poetry, but to poetry of all genres, from whatever groups, subgroups, in various styles, from various publishing houses or even nationalities (though translated into French) is needed as we move into the 21st century where so many possibles are possible! Evidently, she is restricted visually by what the website can do with line and space breaks, but she reads widely and does her best to showcase a little over everything every year.
Sign up: if you are interested in receiving her "Anthologie" daily in your email box (—a nice morning pick-up, starting each day with a different poet’s poems! // Sur simple demande à, recevez chaque jour l'anthologie permanente dans votre boîte aux lettres électronique