Monday, August 06, 2012

New poems online at The Drunken Boat and in print this August in Clock magazine issue 3!

I have felt really lucky this year with a few sollicitations to submit work for consideration to magazines. One in particular sent along a theme poem sample by Jacques Roubaud and I took that as an invite to try playing around with a response. 

So, it is with great pleasure that I announce the appearance of a small series of 6 new prose poems from the ongoing collaboration with Amanda Deutch (my part has thus far been intitled BETWIXT) as well as the poem I wrote in response to Jacques Roubaud's On the Plurality of Worlds of Lewis 

These 7 poems are now online at THE DRUNKEN BOAT! AT: To see contributor bios of all the very very exciting authors in this issue and then read their great works, too, see:  or go to the root page for this Summer's The Drunken Boat issue at:

I am also thrilled to announce the print publication in CLOCK Magazine issue 3 of my poems Another Early Obsession and CODA (the closing poem from my forthcoming book CIRCUITS soon out from Corrupt Press). to keep your eyes peeled for the moment when you can order a copy! Or to order back issues! Clock 3 will feature work by 
Cecilia Corrigan
Jennifer K Dick
Laura Elrick
Bethany Ides
Josef Kaplan
Trisha Low
Daniel Owen
Mario Santiago Papasquiaro
Judah Rubin
Jacqueline Waters
Lynn Xu
Jenny Zhang
Clock Magazine is run by the editors of O'Clock book publishers--pick up one of their books via their site here:

And for anyone that has missed other recent publications online by me--I have work in FRINGE and in Big Bridge. Check out my earlier blog posts for info on those! Thank you so so much for reading! And much love to all from here in gorgeous GREECE! Land of poetry, certainly!