Sunday, September 25, 2016

Keepin' up with Ivy Writers Paris season 2016-2017

As a teacher, author, organizer, editor and reviewer, sometimes I feel like a clown with a stack of wobbly plates balanced atop high sticks, wondering which will tumble down and shatter first. But at other times, I feel the multitude of activities I am thrilled and enriched by being involved in click together so that the whole of what is possible resonates in unison with and through all of these activities. And this is how I am feeling this fall as Ivy Writers Paris steps into a new dress: and comes out in a glitzy "we are now officially an association 1901" gown. 

The goal of the IVY WRITERS PARIS 1901 association will be to make a fabulous anthology of Ivy's many years of writers gatherig together--thus to get the funding together and translators and some graphic artists to make this book a reality. 

For 11+ years now the Ivy Writers Paris bilingual reading series has thrived thanks to its audience and the poets that have graciously come from whereever they live in the vast world to share their works with us, and of course thanks to the bookstores, galleries, bars and nightclubs that have housed us and invited us to share in their space. The efforts to get the Ivy emails, blog, FB pages, Instagram and Twitter up and running and keep the info flowing also have been all volunteer run. And so so so much thanks goes to everyone for that. Now, of course, Ivy will call out in new ways--in hopes that the support from friends and new friends as they become members and help this project come into fruition, can make this IVY anthology a reality. Other tangential projects we hope to soon see emerging is an IVY Youtube station where we get up some of the MANY videos I and others have stored in our computers, or a MP3 hub of recorded readings by our Ivy authors.  

But, as all of this gets underway, the series is excited to see its next season thriving--and most important to me is to see you at a reading or two or all of them this year if you are free. So, here is what I have gotten scheduled and set in store thus far for the SEASON 2016-2017 of Ivy Writers Paris:

 RDV au bar du Café Delaville, 34 bvd bonne nouvelle 75010 Paris, M° Bonne Nouvelle
LUNDI le 26 septembre 2016 : 19h30 Marie de Quatrebarbes et Heather Hartley

MARDI le 11 octobre 2016 : 19h30 Nicolas Tardy et Geneva Chao

MARDI le 15 novembre 2016 : 19h30 Jacques Jouet et Mia You

MARDI le 6 décembre 2016 : 19h30 Emmanuèle Jawad et Elisabeth Jacquet (2 poètes qui liront en français où Ivy présentera des traductions inédites en anglais des leurs textes)

MARDI le 24 janvier 2017 : 19h30 Laurent Grisel et TBC

MARDI le 14 février 2017 : 19h30 lecteurs à confirmer (VEGA?)

MARDI 21 mars 2017 : 19h* (notez l’heure svp) soirée spéciale organisée en partenariat avec The University of Chicago symposium on Franco-American Poetry and translation qui aura lieu cette semaine à Paris. Lectures par les auteurs français et américains : Rosanna Warren, Henri Droguet, Cole Swensen , Suzanne Doppelt, Alexander Dickow, Aude Pivin

MARDI 11 avril 2017 : 19h30 lecteurs TBC

MARDI 23 mai 2017 : 19h30  Lynn Emanuel et lecteur français TBC

MARDI juin 2017 : 19h30 deux lectures : dates, lieux et lecteurs TBC

Thursday, September 01, 2016

Collectif 2 Documenta film by Gilles Weinzaepflan

For the second time, I was part of a summer collaboratif writing and art project with a set of French and Italian poets. This one, subtitled "Spaghetti Western" or, by me, Documenta, will be publishing various verbal and visual results over the nex months. One of the first available is the film that GILLES WEINZAEPFLAN made. I was honored to be part of the film--both during the final scene at the table and in the role as Veriano--one of the three converts who is martyred--in the black and white scenes here. The presence of the beautiful countryside of Italy and in particular of Piane di Bronzo where we lived and worked together, and of the ever present cats who refused to remain off camera as Gilles filmed, is an extra plus. Check out the film BEATI TUSCANI on Youtube!