Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Tears in The Fence: JUST OUT with my article on John Parker's poetry

The newest issue of the UK magazine, Tears in The Fence, issue Number 52 (Issn 0266 5816) is OUT!

It includes my newest in a series of articles for them: "Of Tradition & Experiment IV: Women in John Parker’s Vietnam War Poetry: Labellum Danang" by Jennifer K Dick (pp 103-108) which includes a selection of never before published prose poems by John Parker!

The issue also includes a wide variety of poetry by writers such as Anne Blonstein, Shelia E Murphy, Ian Park, Lisa Mansell, Carrie Etter, Glyn Hughes, Peter Hughes, K V Skene, Robert Sheppard, Chris Torrence, Steve Spence, Estill Pollock, Giles Goodland & more!

Prose by Dave Newman, William Gilson, Mick Fitzgerald, Tracey Iceton & more!

Translations of the poet Andrea Zanzotto by Anthony Barnett, and

critical writing:
on Jack Spicer by Ian Brinton,
on Brenda Hillman (a response poem!) by Nathaniel Tarn,
on Michael Haslam by Peter Riley,
on Mary Palmer by Norman Jope,
on Lynette Roberts by Frances Spurrier,
on Steve Spence by Fred Johnston,
and reviews of books such as the anthology "Infinite Difference: Other Poetries by UK Women Poets, (edited by Carrie Etter for Shearsman Books)" reviewed by Mary Michaels

--and finally--

the issue includes a closing commentary from the editor, David Caddy, preceded by an article on Reading and Dementia by Sarah Hopkins!

In short, the issue is packed with delicacies to nibble on by a fire on these cold late fall evenings!

Order yours now: at (for UK/Europe:) David Caddy, 38 Hod View, Stourpaine, Nr Blandford Forum, Dorset DT11 8TN, England. Subscription information : 18 pounds for 3 issues, 30 for 6 (= a 2-year subscription) or purchase a single issue for 7 pounds. For pounds, you can subscribe by sending a check made out to TEARS IN THE FENCE to David Caddy.

For USA subscriptions, you can send a check made out to Deane Laczi, 714 Souith 12th Street, Lafayette, IN 47905 with 20 dollars for 3 issues, or 8 for a single issue.

In France/elsewhere in Europe--send to David in the UK.

For questions, inquiries about payment or submissions, email esp@euphony.net