Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New news and New York....

The great voyage to the BIG apple is soon to come to a close, and perhaps soon a few instances of or impressions of this city will be posted here. The arrival was frought with intimidation, with apprehension and the adrenaline of wanting to get over that and head out and wander. Now, I feel at ease here in Brooklyn, have gotten the hang of the buses and wandered up and down and around neighborhoods throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan. I have met so many amazing authors--people I have read for years, some I had been in contact, but also others I am just getting to know and whose works are and I imagine will open my perception of the world, the language, the cultures of here and also of where I live by opposition and comparison. The two week time count is ticking! But for today--a little set of city images from NYC and then some writing news:
Water towers here have their own poetry

Brooklyn traffic heading to the Manhattan Bridge

Looking up at the bridges, from the Brooklyn side

View out blurry bus window at sunset, all the colors askew heading from the Upper East side down to the East Village, Manhattan

The new tower, seen from its base down at WTC stop as I head to the PATH train

Jersey City, NJ--old theaters become new propaganda sources. Culture and religion at work.

The rainbow as propulsion device for the Barclay Center, Brooklyn
Atlantic Ave stop, Brooklyn

Seen from Brooklyn--there she is!

Looking over at Manhattan from a Brooklyn Park by 40th St
THANK you to MATT REECK, for his Cutbank Magazine Review of CIRCUITS under the fun title "The Utopian Science Poem"! Matt Reeck is an author and translator whose poems have been published in five chapbooks, including the forthcoming The Necessary City by Konundrum Engine Literary Review and The Pastoral City in the Little Red Leaves Textile Series. Bombay Stories, his translations with Aftab Ahmad from the Urdu of Saadat Hasan Manto, was published in India by Random House last year and will be published in the US by Vintage Classics next spring. He co-edits Staging Ground magazine. Matt's review of CIRCUITS is up at Cutbank online at:  http://www.cutbankonline.org/2013/08/19/cutbank-reviews-circuits-by-jennifer-k-dick/ Cutbank is one of the magazines that has supported my poetry by including it in its beautiful issues. I am thrilled not only to have work included in issues in the past but now to have my current book reviewed on their online site. They publish a bi-annual print magazine with poetry with a wide range of aesthetics. Check CUTBANK out or subscribe to help them keep on keepin on!

On the academic side of life, this summer away from France has also been one during which longterm projects put into place have finally come to fruition. So, announcing: for Pre-ORDER:  Traduire, transmettre ou trahir: Réflexions sur la traduction en sciences humaines (Sept 2013) now available for pre-order from the Éditions de la Maison des sciences de l'homme, Paris.

Also, my chapter « La revue de Pierre Albert-Birot. SIC prend l’extrême pointe de l’avant-garde pendant la Première Guerre mondiale » is in Poétiques scientifiques dans les revues européennes de la modernité (1900-1940), sous la direction de Noëlle Cuny et Tania Collani, ISBN 978-2-8124-0866-3 (livre broché) ; ISBN 978-2-8124-1097-0 (livre relié) © 2013. Classiques Garnier, Paris, (461p.), pp. 287-303.LANGUAGE: FRENCH--for English readers, this chapter is available in the new Classiques Garnier, Paris, book edited by Noëlle Cuny and Tania Collani, a volume in French. (Hardback is 54euros, soft is 35euros)

Finally: new and forthcoming individual work:
In a few weeks I will have a poem "Battleships and..." from the also forthcoming Conversion chapbook (which is forthcoming from Estepa éditions, Paris this fall as well). The poem will be out in the Paris Lit Up magazine
New work "A Slim Box of Her" and "Take Cover" have been accepted for publication in Tears in the Fence, issue 58 due out in winter 2013, out of the UK.Subscribe now to get your issue!

2 are out alongside one by Amanda Deutch from our collaboration in The Denver Quarterly's last issue. Three poems from Anywhere Apparently” (by Amanda Deutch and Jennifer K Dick), including Amanda's “I Suppose it is a Symphony of Metal, Urban and Maladroit” (AD), and my poems:  “Nothing more to do but whine” (JKD) and “Neither the consort nor king called her Eurydice on the rock pricking up an ear” (JKD). To subscribe to DENVER QUARTERLY or order a copy: http://www.denverquarterly.com/  and subscriptions at: http://www.denverquarterly.com/subscriptions.cfm 
RoToR n°9, April 15, 2013 includes my "Full Throttle / Pleins gaz" in English and with a French translation by Anne Kawala in RoToR 9 at:  http://corner.as.corner.free.fr/rotor9.html
or for the direct PdF of just my poem with the visual illustration by Alun Williams at: http://corner.as.corner.free.fr/RTR9-2-Jennifer-K-Dick.pdf
I also co-translated with Anne Kawala the poems by Patrick Beurard-Valdoye and Dominique Casajus which are in this number
3 poems out in Color Treasury 003 from March 2013, edited by Sarah Larivière.  To order, see: http://colortreasury.tumblr.com/

If you have not yet and you would like to read the FREE PDF of the online magazine Seventeen Seconds: A Journal of Poetry and Poetics, Ottawa, Canada, issue 7, June 2013, with my essay on Susan Howe (pp7-24): the PDF link is HERE: http://www.ottawater.com/seventeenseconds/pdfs/seventhissue.pdf

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