Tuesday, October 03, 2017

New Poems online now by Jennifer K Dick and Travis Cebula in BlazeVox17

It is with pleasure that I direct your attention to the fabulous new issue of BlazeVox Magazine--the Fall 2017 edition, issue 17. And I am extremely pleased that editor Geoffrey Gatza selected 4 poems I co-authored with another BlazeVox poet, Travis Cebula. We wrote these poems together in a little café in the marais in Paris (Etoile Manquante) last summer during his visit, working off of a theme for a reading we then did at Spoken Word Paris series. Having never collaborated on writing before, our first attempts were shakey as we located a way to hear our two voices and lines. But the outcome of that morning, revised in various ways since, gave way to these poems and I hope that you will enjoy them. 

Travis Cebula and Jennifer K Dick direct PDF link:

The BlazeVox 17 home link:
Here is the BlazeVox 17 Table of Contents for all of the authors and their exciting work:
Alan Isaacs Jennifer K Dick & Travis Cebula
Alicia Cadena John Meyers
Ana Shaw Justin Rogers
Anna Kapungu Katie Howes
B.J. Best Linda Worden 
Bert Barry Marc Carver
Brianna M. Fenty Mark DuCharme
Brittany Stenfors Mark Young
Bushra Khan matthew harris
Clarice Sometimes Maya D. Mason & Thomas Fink
Courtney Prather P. K. Pierson
Daevid Glass R. S. Stewart
Dani Blackpool Rich Murphy
David Rushmer Robert Gibbons
David Wyman Samantha Lacey
Emmitt Conklin Sandy Coomer
Erik Fuhrer Sarah Valeika
Irene Koronas Seth Howard
J. Mulcahy-King Shadiyat Ajao
Jade Homa Úna Nolan
Kevin Ryan Zoe Guttenplan


Burger Bar — Clive Gresswell
From the Other Side — Marianela Valverde Varela; translated by Erin Riddle
The Uncertain Light — Kelle Grace Gaddis
Paul’s Prospect — Scott Reimann
Ugly Words — Melissa Reynolds
Other People’s Houses — Joseph E. Lerner
Cliff Dwellers — Janet Mason
Pikachu’s Patchouli — Shelli Margolin-Mayer
 A — Rebecca Rodriguez
Creature in the Sky — John Paul King
High Speed Junk — Christopher S. Bell
The Art of Falling — Dian Parker

Text Art & Vispo

R. Keith                                     Visual poetry
Zinnia Plentitude                    Bracing for Impact
Sacha Archer                            Speech Bubble Collages
hiromi suzuki                           purification

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