Friday, February 14, 2014

CONVERSION by Jennifer K Dick and Kate Van Houten at Estepa Editions

CONVERSION by Jennifer K Dick with artwork by Kate Van Houten IS OUT. 

This is a collection of 7 folio-pages on a gorgeous off-white, slightly yellow paper, with the words printed in blue, the images by Kate floating above and through my 7 prose poems, all of this encased in a hand-made box which is papered in a lovely burgundy tint. This limited edition artbook (50 boxed sets) was made by Estepa Editions. 

To purchase your own copy--
Conversion can be purchased directly from the visual artist and bookmaker, Kate Van Houten (estepa[dot]editions[at]gmail[dot]com to request a copy and make paypal or check/money order purchases). 
If you want to learn more about previous works do check out the Estepa blog at Kateplusbooks which Kate says she is hoping to have updated soon. 

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