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Forthcoming poems in online and print publications:  
Forthcoming in March 2020: poem 'Plane Chart Model' has been accepted for publication in Tears in the Fence 71, Dorsett, UK. Order a copy/subscribe to TITF here: https://tearsinthefence.com/

March 2020: "Crank" and "MOD (Maximum Operating Depth)" by Jennifer K Dick 
in the spring/March issue of GHR: Golden Handcuffs Review http://goldenhandcuffsreview.com/ Order/Subscribe: http://goldenhandcuffsreview.com/?product_cat=subscription

OUT in SPRING 2020: "Moribound", "Meridian" and "Diagonal Balance" by Jennifer K Dick in VOLT https://volt-litmag.com/about/  Order/Subscribe:  https://volt-litmag.com/subscribe/ 

Out Spring/Summer 2020: "Masthead" in Shearsman, UK.

Bilingual versions of CERN 1 to CERN 16 and CERN 21 will appear in READ, n°6, translated by Jean-Michel Espitallier, forthcoming in 2020 from 1913 press. http://www.journal1913.org/publications/read/
 Axiom of choice: On gravitas, spheres, and other mobilized celestial beings”, tri-lingual work based on Ptolemy completed during Collectif 2: Documenta / Spaghetti Western Tuscania, Italy retreat will be appearing on Descrizione del Mondo. The extract Radial, from can be heard in the filmed version by Lisa Pasold at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhFqjW0hruw
ONLINE Links to poems: (see below for poems in print mags)
"Boundary" and "Timbert Hitch" by Jennifer K Dick at:
Poems and Poetics blog by Jerome Rothenberg:
and in JACKET2, Feb 2020:


Extract from En-Coding the Urban, text-installation, Basel SBB Station, on Angel House Press’ 2017 A Celebration of Women, April 11, 2017 http://nationalpoetrymonth.ca/index.php?NPMid=468

on the Claude Ber Website, 7 sept 2016:
invitée du mois, sept 2016: three poems from Betwixt in English originals from the Corrupt Press chapbook alongside their French translations, by Christophe Marchand-Kiss. http://www.claude-ber.org/Jennifer-K-DICK_a363.html?preview=1
on  DUSIE, Tuesday Poem #125 was CERN 59. Curated by Rob McLennan, the poem appeared on August 25, 2015, at:  http://dusie.blogspot.fr/2015/08/tuesday-poem-125-jennifer-k-dick-cern-59.html

on MOLLY BLOOM, issue 2: a large series of the CERN 200 poems (including numbers CERN 2-10, 23-24, 25, 27 and CERN 53 and with links at the end to some of the work that kick-started this project), https://previously-in-mollybloom.weebly.com/jennifer-k-dick.html

 on Spoon Bending: A Chapbook Curated by Kent MacCarter of Cordite Review, March 2014: 
"CERN 43" from my manuscript in progress CERN 200 at:
 http://cordite.org.au/poetry/cern-43/A critical reflection/reading of the CERN poem included in Spoon Bending can be found in the article "U+F+O+L+A+N+G+U+A+G+E" by Amy Catanzano on Jacket 2, May 2014 at!  https://jacket2.org/commentary/ufolanguage

on Similar Peaks, Nov 28th 2013:
2 poems from Lilith (a novel in fragments): "After the Beheading" and "Apparition" at: http://similarpeakspoetry.com/2013/11/27/two-poems-by-jennifer-k-dick/ 

on UNDERTOW, October 2nd 2013:
From Ekleksographia, Wave 3.
from CERN 200 (a manuscript in process): poems "Cern 33", "Cern 34", "Cern 35", "Cern 36" and "Cern 37" at:  http://undertowmagazine.com/jennifer-k-dick-cern-200/

on RoToR n°9, April 15, 2013
"Full Throttle / Pleins gaz" in English and with a French translation by Anne Kawala in RoToR 9 at: http://corner.as.corner.free.fr/rotor9.html
or for the direct PdF of just my poem with the visual illustration by Alun Williams at: http://corner.as.corner.free.fr/RTR9-2-Jennifer-K-Dick.pdf I also co-translated with Anne Kawala the poems by Patrick Beurard-Valdoye and Dominique Casajus which are in this number

on THE DRUNKEN BOAT Spring/Summer 2012, Vol. 10 Issues I-II
After Jacques Roubaud’s On the Plurality of Worlds of Lewis” and  
6 poems from Betwixt (the continuation)

on Big Bridge, issue 16, 30 poets feature (in memory of Akilah Oliver) 
11 pages from Enclosure 

on Ekleksographia  Wave Three, the France issue (from Ahadadabooks): 
4 poems from manuscript in progress Enclosures, sect III: “Lili is the white fly...”, “She cannot / ‘go on,’...”, “He came into the room...” and “a return to anonymity”

on SPINE ROAD, issue 3
5 Poems from CIRCUITS (2011 versions): Magnets and Brain Cells”, “Artificial Amnesia”, “What a Number is”, “Off-The-Shelf Enzymes” and “The Tower in the Jungle” at: (scroll over shapes to see author names and links to the work) http://spineroad.com/3.html  

on Double Room, issue 7 
2 Poems from CIRCUITS (2007 versions): “Brain in a Box 1” at http://www.webdelsol.com/Double_Room/7/Jennifer_K_Dick1.htm
and 1 poem cut from the final book: “Brain in a Box 2” http://www.webdelsol.com/Double_Room/7/Jennifer_K_Dick3.htm  
 PLUS a bonus: a little reflection on the prose poem: http://www.webdelsol.com/Double_Room/7/Jennifer_K_Dick.htm

on Pinstripe Fedora, issue 2
4 Poems from CIRCUITS (2006 versions): "The Structures of Experience", "An Exotic Phenomenon" , “Another Change in Fashion” and  “Active Forgetting” at:  http://www.pinstripefedora.com/2/pinstripe2_dick.pdf  or via http://www.pinstripefedora.com/issue2.html  

on DIAGRAM, 6.2

from CIRCUITS: "Systems of Symbols" plus a small craft note at the bottom of the page.

Poem “A Stanza in the snow as equal” for Jonathan Wonham and his photo project at:

on the DC Poetry 2005 ANTHOLOGY
poem "What Holds The Body" from the book Fluorescence (University of GA Press, 2004) 

By Jennifer K Dick: "rue Tiquetonne"
on FRINGE, issue 31, in the (de)Classified section, June 2012 
"Breach" a prose poetic fiction piece

on Hitotoki, Paris,
Gilded angels taking off from Châtelet, Bastille, Invalides” at : http://hitotoki.org/classic/paris/013


Of POEMS  Now out/still available in print magazines: 
Set of poems collectively written with Michelle Noteboom, Lisa Pasold, and Barbara Beck appeared in  Barcelona-based magazine, Parentheses. Issue 2:  2019.

"Fear is the eye of my beholder", "Demolition" and CERN 14, 17, 12, 28, 30 and 41 were included in a new Barcelona-based magazine, Parentheses. Issue 1:  2017.

CERN 51, CERN 52, CERN 54, CERN 56, CERN 67,  "Microcosms" and "There is something about" appeared in Tears in The Fence, n° 64, September 2016, pp 94-97. Go to https://tearsinthefence.com/ to subscribe/order a copy. 

"CERN 66" appeared in The Bastille, n° 4, a Paris-based magazine put out by Spoken Word Paris, in Sept/Oct 2016. Get a copy via https://spokenwordparis.org/b/

 In Upstairs at Duroc, edited by Barbara Beck, fall 2015:
3 poems: "A rise to cohabitation taken in the closet (closest) spacesuit", "Bought love at the trinket shop never lasts the millennium" and "Believe it or not, babe, this jungle’s offline". To subscribe/keep up on the publication date: http://upstairsatduroc.org/ 

In Gargoyle Magazine, edited by Richard Peabody, issue 62, Spring 2015:
4 poems: "CERN 1", "CERN 11", "CERN 29" and "CERN 32" See ToC or to subscribe/order a copy: http://www.gargoylemagazine.com/gargoyle/Issues/Issue62.php

In Poetry Wales, edited by Zoë Skoulding, vol. 49 n°4, Spring 2014:
3 poems: "CERN 42", "CERN 45" and "CERN 47" (p 50) To subscribe/order a copy:

In Tears in the Fence, (UK) edited by David Caddy, issue 58, winter 2013:
2 poems: "A Slim Box of Her" and "Take Cover" To subscribe/order a copy: http://tearsinthefence.com/pay-it-forward/

In VLAK, Prague, Republic Czech, issue 4, October 2013.
"CERN 13, CERN18-22, CERN 38-40" (pp 375-376) and three poems under the title "Making a Message of Things" (p 374). To order or for more information: http://vlakmagazine2.wordpress.com/2013/10/06/vlak-4/

In Paris Lit Up Magazine, Paris, France, edited by Kate Noakes, issue 1, October 2013. 
"from Conversion" (Battleships and...) (p 9) To order or for more information: http://parislitup.com/plu-magazine/

In THE DENVER QUARTERLY, CO, USA, edited by Bin Ramke, Spring 2013 issue
Two poems under the title “Three poems from Anywhere Apparently” (by Amanda Deutch and Jennifer K Dick), including Amanda Deutch's “I Suppose it is a Symphony of Metal, Urban and Maladroit” (AD), and my poems:  “Nothing more to do but whine” (JKD) and “Neither the consort nor king called her Eurydice on the rock pricking up an ear” (JKD). To order or subscribe to DQ: http://www.denverquarterly.com/  and: http://www.denverquarterly.com/subscriptions.cfm

In Color Treasury 003, TX, USA, edited by Sarah Larivière, March 2013
3 prose poems from “Conversion” To order, see: http://colortreasury.tumblr.com/

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