Monday, December 14, 2020

The Bodies Remains Return To Us by Jennifer K Dick on Poetry in a Pandemic

NOW ONLINE: “Of Tradition & Experiment XIV: The Bodies’ Remains Return to Us (Poetic Migration in the Time of a Pandemic” at with permission of editor David Caddy  AND IN PRINT in Tears in the Fence, (UK literary magazine), n° 72, Autumn 2020 issue: 

In this essay which opens: 

    "To what extent do place and time determine a poet?
To what extent do plague and time determine a poet?"

the issues of value during a period of mass loss, of motivation to write, and rituals of remembrance are explored. The text vacillates between critical prose readings of recent poets, political poetics reflections on pandemics and migrations due to attempts to escape contamination, and more poetry-like writing emerging from my Spring 2020 journals. Here, as I read others, I interrogate my own continuation and writing during this time of limbo and loss, in an ambiance of latent fear. Only one of the poets I speak of, Laura Mullen, is directly addressing Covid-19. Other works I examine were published before this illness appeared, but these poems, thoughts, and lines are resonant and pertinent to these times—and in particular to current issues of grief, absence, mourning. This explains the large reliance on my reading of Ghost Of by Diana Khoi Nguyen (Omnidawn, 2018).

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