Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Thank you Luxembourg Review...

I am pleased to announce that Nathan Hassall has kindly reviewed my book CIRCUITS (corrupt press, 2013) in The Luxembourg Review (click HERE to read the full review). I am deeply thankful to Nathan for his rich, honest and in-depth review where he writes:

"Enigmatic and esoteric, Dick has created a poetry collection unlike any other I have encountered."


"One of the tasks of poetry is to make the work relevant to the day, as poems become as much of a historical artifact as they do a cultural magnifying glass on contemporary society. There are abundant times where Dick achieves this fundamental aspect of poetry."


 "...the imagery is vivid and interesting, tossing the reader between the taxing natures of mysterious wordplay and academic psychology."


"Overall, Circuits is a collection for anyone who is intrigued by science and art formulated together into poetry. Dick’s intellectual platform is fascinating and her work echoes human behaviour dressed up in metaphors using neurons, thought patterns and lab experiments."


 "Circuits is an interesting collection which captures intrigue, contemplation and inspiration..."

For anyone who is interested in knowing more about Hassall, he is the author of Nascent Illusion (2009), A Conscious Void (2011), and Of Gods and Gallows (2015) and says that he "endeavors to study an MA in English and Creative Writing at a British University in 2016". Again, the full review of Circuits by Nathan Hassall is on The Luxembourg Review at http://theluxembourgreview.org/2015/08/04/circuits-by-jennifer-k-dick-a-review/ 

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