Thursday, February 21, 2013

THEIR next big things: Lisa Pasold, Travis Cebula, Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Sarah Lariviere and Lars Palm!

It is just TOO fun to discover all the different ways authors are thinking about their works as part of the NEXT BIG THING projects spidering over cyberspace. Mine originated when I was tagged by Marthe Reed and after last week's post of my own The Next Big Thing for CIRCUITS (see it at: I tagged Lisa Pasold, Travis Cebula, Lars Palm, Rachel DuPlessis and Sarah Lariviere--here are the links to THEIR next BIG things!!!! ENJOY!

For American author TRAVIS CEBULA's discussion of his recent collection from Blazevox books ITHACA check out his new blog HIEROPHANT which he says will thematically address questions (thus it should be an unending and exciting blogging project!) and his post--TRAVIS CEBULA'S NEXT BIG THING at: FYI--as Travis explains in his post--his photo is what was used for this BEAUTIFUL book cover, too (see image). Some people are just too talented for words!

To read LISA PASOLD--Canadian author of a novel and 3 collections of poetry--discussing her newest project underway, UP TO THE KNEE, see LISA PASOLD'S NEXT BIG THING at:

For Swedish author LARS PALM's NEXT BIG THING see his blog posting on his blog Mischievoice at: where he talks about MEANS. This looks like an exciting book collection for poets and music lovers alike--read his blog for more on that! He also has a variety of books available, including a fairly recent one with Corrupt Press.

RAHEL BLAU DUPLESSIS's NEXT BIG THING is graciously posted on Jenn McCreary's exciting blog at: I dig Rachel's photo where she looks like she is just chatting with us, telling us all about the next installment (can't wait to get my hands on it!) in her DRAFTS project--Surge: Drafts 96-114 (forthcoming this spring from SALT publishing!)

SARAH LARIVIERE--American author and also publisher of the forthcoming Color Treasury 003--discusses her novel for young adults called enticingly THE BAD KID (anyone know--was Sarah the bad kid? Inquiring minds want to know!) Read her reflections on this book project at: and keep your eye on her logs for  photography, poetry work and other publications as well.

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