Sunday, February 03, 2013

NEW Writings and Writings on pics from METZ

J.K. Dick at CPMetz, Photo by Dylan Harris
There is nothing like dealing with the February blues by promoting oneself--right? But even nicer is to find that outside my exctement about new poems forthcoming in COLOR TREASURY 3 edited and created by Sarah Lariviere and due out in March/April 2013, prose poems from the collaboration with Amanda Deutch in the next issue of The Denver Quarterly as well as a short flash fiction piece in PURE SLUSH's Vol 6 (paper issue) OBIT forthcoming poste haste as well, a really really lovely "Best of" blogging moment for 2012 included a great reading review from the LONDON Dusie event with the author of this DISINHIBITOR blog, SARAH ROSENTHAL. Her post noted me among some of my own favorite reads and writer's books of 2012, such as Eileen Myles, Kathleen Fraser and Giles Goodland. To check out the post, go to:

And, while awaiting a more detailed blogging moment--here are some little pics from last week's trek to METZ and the Centre Pompidou there for the great LINES show. Was there with Corrupt Press founder and editor Dylan Harris and his better half. We have culled through final changes in my book CIRCUITS and so you can start to save a few pennies if you would like to get a copy--out from CORRUPT PRESS by the end of the month at the latest! I am certain I will post about that and forthcoming book launch reading events.

On the train from Mulhouse to Metz--the blur of a snowy Sunday morning blurrrrs by

Dylan Harris of Corrupt Press walks towards the Metz Pompidou Center

The deco ceiling in the glassed space leaves us in a vertiginous mood

One expo featured photos and words on walls, but each visitor got a little hand flashlight to see the work. This photo by Dylan Harris is a great look back across the room at the spotty lights of other museum visitors

The Sol Lewitt designed walls... another great space to have been inside of!

Still thinking about the LINES exhibition--here thoughts of Kandinsky as land I wrong? That is ok, I am off to the train anyway!

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