Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mulhouse Carnival 2013...

Le 16 février 2013: Mulhouse got hopping tonight as marching bands and a variety of parade floats wound round its circuitous streets and then into the Place de la Réunion. Here are a few pics from the evening:

The traditional masks--with glow in the dark smiles

Cat got YOUR tongue? This float is all about the Klapperstein!

One of the many marching bands from tonight

The giant puppets head into the crowd

Mulhouse's Hôtel de Ville

Guy pops out of cake tossing confetti into crowd and brandishing the Mulhouse flag
This image is from a float side-panel, advertising the 1972 carnival

This guy is on the backside of a float

Cool glow-in the dark drumsticks which glowed brighter when they struck these young drummer's drums

A quiet stand where people grab a snack and say hey. The flags on either side are for Mulhouse

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