Tuesday, October 16, 2012

RoToR: recueil de 5 premiers numéros--FREE online!

Virginie Poitrasson poem in RoToR 5
 It was a great honor to be given "carte blanche" by RoToR to select artists and authors for one of their fabulous mini reviews online. It is a sort of turning--where each poet sees only the poem of the previous poet, and the artist sees only the first poem. The works are like a game of telephone, and in the case of the 5 first issues of RoToR there is a wonderful sense of discovery and SPIN taking place. SO, for those of you interested--the issues are online and FREE in a downloadable Pdf. See all 5 issues together via the weblink: 

I selected work for issue 5 (pp31-41) but found it thrilling to see how this issues and the ones preceding it also dialogue in a communal Pdf format. If you dislike reading onscreen--that first link gives you a great print-option, so print out RoToR and read it on the page! ENJOY and THANKS to ANNE KAWALA for all her work and inventiveness founding this journal and her kindness for inviting me to partake in the experiment. 

Fred Forte poem for RoToR n° 5

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