Tuesday, June 05, 2012

My story-poem BREACH is now deCLASSIFIED on FRINGE MAGAZINE issue 31

Nicolas de Staël
"The girl who is reading outside the window on the small terraced balcony in the hour or so after sunrise, wind a kind of fist pressed or pressing against her chest, turns a page..."

This is how my little story-poem BREACH begins. It has just appeared online in the magazine FRINGE. 

I love that I fall into the [de]Classified section of FRINGE MAGAZINE (Issue 31, Summer '12) and am excited to have this little prose piece BREACH out in the world. 

The sea, Antibes, places that one wants to go on a summer night, and the painting in the place of Nicolas de Staël, that leap, this other...  Hope you will enjoy!

The interesting feature of FRINGE is that each issue emerges over time, inviting the reader back and back again to discover the month or season's writing and art as it gets posted. For now, I am thrilled and very flattered to head up this new SUMMER issue along with artist Travis Champion. http://www.fringemagazine.org/issues/issue-31-summer-12/

But DO check back with FRINGE as MORE will appear in issue 31 in the days and weeks to come! Again: http://www.fringemagazine.org/ to read work by me and to see artwork by Travis Campion

If you get impatient for more, check out their back issues, including the SPRING issue 30
Le  fort  carré d'Antibes  (Nicolas  de Staël )

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