Tuesday, May 15, 2012

POEMS by Jennifer K Dick now online in Big Bridge 16

NEW POEMS online in Big Bridge 16: A poet-o-rama extravaganza issue!

Even as things are revving up for Lex-ICON in June and preparations, translations, orders are being made while finals are being doled out then graded and VERSAL 10 is about to launch in Amsterdam May 23rd (wait til you guys see that, it is STUNNINGLY gorgeous) I also have some new selections from the manuscript of the full-length version of ENCLOSURE now online at Big Bridge 16 in the special feature selected by Bonny Finberg and entitled "30 poets". I am at:  http://www.bigbridge.org/BB16/features/28poets/28jdick.htm 

[FYI gorgeous 1908 B&W pic. courtesy Life Google images, I found it in a great article on the contstruction of the Manhattan bridge--read it on the Bowery Boys NY City History site: click HERE to read]

A chapbook of the first section of that manuscript of mine ( entitled Enclosures--click to read) appeared a few years back with BlazeVox as a free PDF ebook. This manuscript has continued to develop and these are some of the final selections from that book (almost ready to submit into the world if any publishers want to save me the agony of that submission process and sollicit the darned thing--hint hint?) Anyway, the selection in Big Bridge 16 starts out:

   to touch lili
might be to see (be seen)  sudden
night-cooled overhang


growing smaller

                                her body

dislocated by soundlessness

And continues for another 11 pages (go HERE to read more). 

I really am honored to be in this issue, which has a selection of general poetry then translations, features and a whopping 6 special sub-sections on poetry (including one on Neosurrealism--click HERE to see that one). The 30 Poets feature poetry section is dedicated to the memory of a poet I knew and loved for her work, her spirit and for every totally energized encounter I was lucky to have with her--AKILAH OLIVER (click here to hear her on PennSound). If you do not know her work, do go and get yourself copies of her books. 

The person who put together this Big Bridge poetry selection is Bonny Finberg, newly returned to NYC (and missed here in France). She opens the Big Bridge poetry section with a DEDICATION. Who are the 30 poets Bonny included in the section? They are listed here: (and links to their selections via clicking on their names):

Fanny R. Ferreira Alice Notley
Amy Hollowell Bob Holman
Bonny Finberg Carol Wierzbicki
Chavisa Woods Dorothy Friedman August
Dylan Harris Jennifer K. Dick
Jill S. Rapaport Jim Feast
Jim Harrison John Yau
Jose Padua Karen Margolis
Lisa Pasold Louise Landes Levi
Lynn Crawford Michelle Noteboom
Nina Karacosta Patricia Spears Jones
Ron Kolm Rufo Quintavalle
Thaddeus Rutkowski Sparrow
Steve Dalachinsky Tsaurah Litzky
Wanda Phipps Yuko Otomo

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