Thursday, May 24, 2012

Du recyclage aux notions du témoignage et de la mémoire: Join Ille for some talks in Mulhouse on May 26th 2012

If you are in Mulhouse next weekend and just do not know what to do with yourself, please join me as I present a talk in French as part of the Ille seminars at the FLSH, Salle Starky, UHA, Mulhouse (tram Illberg) the 26th May 2012 from 9-12h30. 

My talk is intitled: "Du recyclage aux Ready-Mades: la poésie contemporaine réinvente l'espace de la lecture". I am honored to be speaking with Philippe MESNARD from ISTI and the Paris international collège de philosophie whose talk is intitled "Quelques notions du témoignage et de la mémoire, et leur critique". See poster below for full details (click to enlarge image):


George Vance said...

hope it went well, jen!! gv

Jennifer K Dick said...

Thanks Geo. I think it did go alright. And the talk by the other speakers was GREAT!