Saturday, April 07, 2012

April showers.... poems, and toils

There is something about everyday blogging and everyday poem-writing that is not entirely compatible. One feels turned outward, like a chat to the chair in the corner with its back turned to you so that you cannot tell whether the friend you hope you are talking to is really there or not. The other--the poem--is turned in on itself instead. Even if it is a zany, splay it out all over the page in jibberjabberish going about your pop-culture filled day letting it rip kind of poem, it is still YOUR very own private inner wildchild day, and not one you are there to necessarily communicate to that chair. 

Anyway, so what I am saying is part of this week I have been poeming, not blogging. But I like that some people successfully blog and poem, poem and blog. 

Still happy to think everyday that so many other people are out there telling the universe that making the poem happen is worth it. --Ah, April... and

Right now? It is 6:06 am and there is a nightengale giving the end of the night its all before the chill of dawn breaks into day and he is chased off elsewhere. 

And I am off to sleep, too (like the woman in Leighton's painting, above left), having scribbled whatnots all night and then also finished the programme changes for yet another version of the Lex-ICON programme. It is inching its way towards being, being itself, being finished. Check it out HERE and check out the supercool video by P Castellin (click on his still image on the blog to be sent to the video in motion):

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