Monday, April 02, 2012

April and 29 poems or days or poems to go...before May

I do not plan on posting all my mad scribblings of the month  as I do my poem a day project in the joyous space of knowing so so many others are doing likewise, but I will try and chat about the things I am thinking and reading as this process is taking place--and will post some of my poems of the day.

A poem of today I did post is up on rewords--it is a poem in which I am rewording the pared-down tone and language of Amanda Deutch's little poem from last December and combining that with little details that emenate from me. If you are interested, it is at:

But far far far more exciting as a poem for today--though not I do not think just written today if I am clear on that--is Rob Mclennan's poem "from How the alphabet was made," on Canadian Angel House press' national poetry month site which is posting poems everyday by different poets. Here is Rob's intricate wording about lettering and word making: I particularly admired how this somewhat hard-edged poem in the middle does not necessarily become smooth but is tender at the end, where Rob writes:

Betrayed the lovely camera.

Such speculation, ends.           You told me:   this is what

might happen.

For anyone who does know or follow Rob Mclennan's blog, it is worth checking out at: 

Other poems and sites to check into people writing today and everyday this month include K Lorraine Graham's--gotta admire the eloquence but also the sharp ache of the long lines in her post from today on:

And speaking on blogs that are generally worth checking out, one that may give material or a space for rethinking the blog format is Bhanu Kapil's blog at : click on anything and it is like stepping into a little angular space in Bhanu's mindworld. Fantastic!

To make poems is to read, to read into the self of the self and the other. That is my last little pre-drifiting off into sleep thought on this month of poetry making. Night....

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