Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ekleksographia: The FRENCH issue is UP ONLINE

Back from London (photos en route, promised) to the fabulous news that the issue that has been awaiting its appearance since last winter has made it out of the static ether online in all of its loveliness. Kudos to Alex Dickow for his fabulous work both as guest editor and on the web layouts (and this lovely photo at the left which you can see again online at the magazine). I al personally thrilled to have poems, translations and a short critical review up there. Enjoy!

Official press release:

Friends, Strangers and Fellow Poets,
Ahadada Books' online journal
Wave Three: The France Issue
in memory of Raymond Federman
& guest edited by Alexander Dickow

featuring original work and translations by the editor and by

Barbara Beck, Philippe Beck, Audrey van de Sandt, Alexis Tchoudnowsky, David Christoffel, Alessandro De Francesco, Noura Wedell, Jennifer K. Dick, Henri Droguet, Raymond Federman, Pierre Le Pillouër, Bruno Fern, Frédéric Forte, Michelle Noteboom, Albane Gellé, Liliane Giraudon, Mark Weiss, Amy Hollowell, Pierre Joris, Margaret Konkol, Nicholas Manning, Elisa McCool, Maria Rusanda Muresan, Jean-Claude Pinson, Leemore Malka, Jody Pou, Christian Prigent, Rufo Quintavalle, Joe Ross, James Sacré, David Ball, Alexandra Sashe, Eric Suchère, Carrie Noland, George Vance, Chet Wiener and Geneva Chao,

And featuring these reviews:
Adam Biles reviews Napoleon's Travelling Bookshelf by Sarah Hesketh
Margaret Konkol reviews WIW?3: Hold me tight. Make me happy by C. J. Martin

With Thanks to Daniel Sendecki and Robert Dickow for their technical assistance.

Thank you for reading, and for helping us spread the news!

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