Saturday, June 19, 2010

3 readings: Marché de la Poésie 2010, Wallonie-Bruxelles bookstore & for M Batalla's book!

Yes, I am going to be present doing a little reading in French and in English this weekend, then the 30th and the 1st of July. I hope if you are free you will come along!

TOMORROW: the 20th of June from 15-17h :

I will be reading and introducing at this TRILINGUAL Reading event. It will be in English, Catalan & French, and is organized by the magazine La Traductière and in conjunction with the Marché de la Poésie & the Festival Franco-Anglais de la poésie (click for their full programme of events!). Readers include a poet I admire and who has a lovely chapbook out and a first book forthcoming:

Francesc Parcerisas
(a Catalan poet whose work it will be exciting to discover--the work will be read in French & Catalan. ),
Jennifer K Dick
(you know me, I am "américaine" as they say here, and I will read in English & French),
Denise Desautels
(Québec poet, winner of General Gov award in 1990, who will read in French with English translations:,
Bruno Doucey
(France, director of Seghuers, reading in his native tongue. See more on him/listen to an interview:,
Claude Held
(France, reading in French as well:,
Pierre Ouellet
Patrick Williamson
(British poet based in Paris who will read from works in English & have translations presented. He has numerous books, the most recent of which appeared in a bilingual edition.
The event is on the theme of “Du poétique à la poésie”
AT : Café de la Mairie,
8, place Saint-Sulpice,
Paris 6e,
M° Saint-Sulpice.

Then, after we have all recovered from the bulimic poetic experience of the marché de la poésie with a week off, there will be an event I am participating in on the 30th of June to celebrate a very beautiful publication reflecting on women's poetry from the 19th century to today: VOI(ES)X DE L'AUTRE
The evening will include a talk and discussion with the editors followed by a reading: 30 juin : 17h-19h : Camille Aubade et Patricia Godi présenteront « Voi(es)x de l'autre » sur les poésies écrites par des femmes--et les poètes Marielle Anselmo, Jennifer K Dick, Marie Etienne et Marylin Hacker (click on the names of the poets to go to some bio pages for them) liront leurs textes en conjonction avec cette présentation-discussion autour du livre. Venez écouter ces poètes lire, à cette occasion, des extraits de leurs textes contenus dans l'anthologie ainsi que des extraits d'autres livres! AT Librairie Wallonie-Bruxelles: 46 rue Quincampoix, 75003 Paris, M° Rambuteau or RER Les Halles (sortie: Pompidou)

Finally, I will be reading the English translations completed by Christophe Marchand-Kiss of the poems by Michaël Batalla to celebrate the bilingual artbook publication "Autour/Around" Details of the exact venue will be added here, but you can peruse pictures from the book on Fougeirl's site at Also, for the book, to order a copy, see/voir for more on the book itself! A wonderful object and poetry collection, which I am excited to support with my anglo voice reading some splendid translation works by Christophe. With photos/ Photographies de Benoît Fougeirol--see his site at "La grande périphérie parisienne laisse des espaces ouverts et indéfinis, des ruines de paysage.Benoît Fougeirol et Michaël Batalla y ont erré, les yeux grands ouverts." (éditions VMCF, 38,00 €)

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