Thursday, June 24, 2010

Something needs to be done NOW about the BP oil spill

Sure, we are all blogging about it, posting videos, looking at the shock images of birds covered with oil (All the photos here are courtesy of AP, & can be seen in the Huffington Post). But what is this really all about? According to the very very powerful testimony of a single resident, personally involved because the oil spillage is making her children ill, has killed the wildlife in her area of LA and she has personally watched what it means to allow BP to be in control of safety and thus in control of NOT giving people access to respirators, this means that IF NOTHING IS DONE THIS SPILL WILL DESTROY A THIRD OF THE WORLD'S WATER.

YESTERDAY AP printed a new image of the oil still gushing gushing gushing like an enormous storm cloud up out of the pipe into the sea. The oil has coated much of Alabama and Louisiana's coastline and is also washing up in Florida and elsewhere now. SEE HUFFINGTON POST ARTICLE WITH TONS OF PICS HERE.

Can we as a group of human beings not find a way to help that red tape get cut, and for real action to happen? I don't know. But certainly I would like to believe. I encourage you to watch this whole video! It is Kindra Arnesen Venice LA Local @ the Gulf Emergency Summit -click her name for the link as well.

It is not that visually dramatic. There is nothing to "SEE" on it, but one person's testimony is often all we need to hear. Can we hear it? Can we make it heard? Actions you can take:
Post this video, too, on your blogs,
send it and other news to your friends,
mention this and what is happening on your facebook
join ASK BP TO SHUT IT OFF where you can keep up on more news
mail it and everything else you can find to
60 minutes,
Obama and Co,
email or more importantly call your local newspapers and government leaders regardless of what state or even country you live in?
If you are free, volunteer, help fund one of the wildlife groups cleanup, look into more.

Please, do act as much as you can. It is better than letting this continue to happen.
After all, don't you want to go to the beach this summer and have a little swim in... this:

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Thank you for posting this Jen: it's the ocean, meaning it's a world problem...