Sunday, April 04, 2010

Pdf for PC users: HELP me!!!

pdf HELP!

I am calling for your aide!

Any PC users out there who know how I can get a FREE program to convert Word and other files to PDF formats?

1) I use Word 2003. (I realize there is a free add-on for Word 2007, as I foolishly downloaded it before realizing I was on version 2003!)

2) I cannot get PrimoPdf to work (after I install it, it appears correct, but when I drag the files to convert into their icon, I just get a sort of error code: 0xc0000135) saying it never loaded right, and I tried many times to install it, so evidently this is not going to work.

THANK you to ANYONE who can help me out here. I am exhausted with all the efforts!!! Yes, Mac users, gloat gloat gloat.


Ann Moradian said...

Great photo!

Pierre B said...

2 solutions:
1. Use OpenOffice.
2. Use PDFCreator

George Vance said...

Zap your free 2007 version; or look in "enregistrer sur" window which gives you a choice of versions to copy to.
Good luck. G

Je m'appelle Cynthia said...

See here.

Jim Rue said...

Did you find an adequate answer to your PDF question?

If not maybe I can help.

And are you kin to Philip K. Dick?


Joel said...

I had the same problem with PrimoPDF. Found this on a forum and it worked for me:

If you are receiving this error message, you need to install the .NET framework from: