Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Skala Eresos...

Wake late, go for a cafe frappe at one of the beachfront cafes, swim, read, go back to a cafe for a drink or perhaps food then write for awhile (stories, mostly), return to beach for swim, read, journal, return to studio to shower off salt then back to a cafe for a drink while journaling and watching sunset, eat a little dinner somewhere, perhaps drinks and dance, perhaps live music or allnight beachparty with firepit, return to studio, sleep, repeat.

Life here feels easy, stressless, gorgeous. The days go by, almost a week here now. I have tried out the cheese-and-pepper stuffed calimari, the traditional Greek meatballs, souvelaki, and a very nonGreek but wonderfully tasty salad with blue cheese, apple and avacado at the lovely Aubregine restaurant.

In the day, it is not overly hot, but still one feels unlike eating anything, so it is lots of juices, coffees, water then beach.
The town is populated with tourists, pretty much an even divide between Greek families with their many children and then the women here for the historical Sapphic connexion. It is wonderful to see the groups so integrated, so comfortably cohabitating, cosocializing.
And then it is also a pleasure to read, paint (badly, as I do) and write, journal, write with no sense of obligation about any of it!


Michelle Naka Pierce said...

How wonderful! Love the photos.

Jennifer K Dick said...

Thanks Michelle! It is lovely here. Best to you, Jen

George Vance said...

take a dip- skinny or not - for me!