Thursday, July 30, 2009

Recent, New & Forthcoming publications...

Summer does not forget itself entirely, though I feel I have... my mind washed away on the beaches of Sète, listening to the waves crash agains the falaises at night, and then here, Paris, still bustling and hustling about, the weather perfect--sun, breeze, warmth but not too humid. So I am just stopping into Blogger to announce a few recent, new and forthcoming publications.

Now Out ONLINE & in PRINT:
Translations: in Versal 7 of Albane Gellé, from "A Sound of Glass Inside her". The magazine featuring poetry and prose from around the globe is available for subscription or single issues via sales online at

ARTICLE & PHOTOS : Reminder, the last "Art Seen" article of the season, on Matthew Rose: is still up at EyePreferParis.:

POEM: This week Jonathan Wonham posted a photo and my poem on his blog, Connaissances: his photo choice to accompany my poem "A Stanza in the Snow as Equal":

Article : in Tears in the Fence, issue number 50: « Of Tradition and Experiment II : The Object in The Poem ». This issue is a magnificent TOMB, celebrating many years of the UK Lit review's success as a magazine promoting poetry writing in a wide array of aesthetics along with book reviews, short poetics articles and mini reflections. My article falls on pp. 104-109. For copies in UK: Single copies £6, Subscriptions £15 for three or £25 for six issues: David Caddy 38 Hod View, Stourpaine, Blandford Forum, Dorset DT11 8TN England. Please make cheques payable to Tears in the Fence. For USA Subscriptions/copies: They are available from D.E. Laczi 714 South Street, Lafayette, IN 47905, USA. Please make checks payable to Deane Laczi, $7 for a single issue or $20 for four issues.

FORTHCOMING FALL 2009/Winter in Print & Online:
Translations of Jean-Michel Espitallier's "58 Propositions" on Action Yes online magazine run by Action Books. The poems will appear in the December/January issue. See their current issue and enjoy the work up by others at:

Translations of 3 prose poems by Jérôme Mauche, "Brachial", "Jugular" and "Cricoid" from his book Electuaire du Discount, (Le Bleu du Ciel, 2004) in Paris Litmag edited by Barbara Beck, Rufo Quintavalle and others: Upstairs at Duroc. For copies of the issue: pick one up at a reading this fall when it appears, or email Barbara at

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