Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Images from London Reading

This is the quick fix series of imags from the London Oxfam event! Thanks Todd for inviting us all. Hope those of you who attended had as much fun sweating there on the post Marlybone High Street as I did. Also managed to catch the wonderful Concrete Poetry show going on over at the ICA, and advise anyone who has not seen it to head on over there!!!
Todd Swift, our Announcer, MC extraordinaire for the night!!! Also the Oxfam poet in residence. First reader, but a lovely posed pic as I did not have the camera ready (why I am a poet and not a photographer...) Rufo Quintavalle!!! Second up was George Vance who read, among other things, his collage from his new chapbook!
Then Barbara Beck defied gravity with her glasses as she shared some longer poems that were all new to my ears. Brentley Fraser was a great treat for me to hear for the first time, and I advise you check this Australian who is meandering round Europe this summer out! Following Brentley we had a little break for Wine and cheese and oxygen, Then we started up again with Jonathan Wonham who is now residing in the Northernmost Nortern of his hemisphere, or presque! He shared work from a collection coming out with illustrations by his brother (picture removed by request by JW).
Then I (Jen Dick) got up and babbled on as you all know I do. I read from the series I am co-writing with Amanda Deutch who is in NYC, on Orpheus & Eurydice. "Ballsy", urban poems, if I do say so myself, having left my rural, romantic Iowan roots aside for this language collaboration. We are having fun, and I cannot wait until we find ourselves on the same continent for a reading event! Finally, David Caddy did a reading and in a way a dance for us. I had never thought of David as so active. Hard to capture him in a still moment, as his poems races over the landscapes of England, his body mimicked their galloping forth. A fabulous end to a great night before we had to all rush out into the new storm that had come to cut the heat and chill the air.

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Middle Ditch said...

An I so told David to wear a black top. Did he listen?

I can see on the pics that he did not.

Anyway he came home with loads to tell and I could hear from his tone how immensely he had enjoyed himself and those whom he accompanied.

Great to see the other pictures too. X