Monday, July 20, 2009

Art seen: Matthew Rose!!!

Here in Lodève, the ruddy red of the mountains and their greenery makes me smile and sneeze all at once. Been enjoying a wide array of readings day and night here at the 2009, 12th edition of the Festival de la poésie de la méditerranée : where I spend my days reading good books in the shade of a café terrasse or listening to readings while hanging in a hammock. I still must try the readings where you are floating rafts on the tiny river here, or those where you sit in chairs with your feet in the cool river! At night, there are more readings by candlelight, or small concerts--even big ones, such as by Jane Birkin or Cesaria Evora.

And then I popped in here to check emails and I saw that back in Paris things keep going, life and publications that is. And so it is with great joy I announce the online appearance of the final Art Seen for the 2008-2009 schoolyear: Art Seen IX: Matthew Rose inside/outside of A Book About Death by Jennifer K. Dick including many a little pic I took while visitng Rose at his studio last month in Paris. The article is directly visible at Click HERE or see it or cut and paste this link:

Matthew Rose's personal website is also chock full of more exciting art, such as the collage included at the top of this post. To spend the hours it will take to peruse all of it, go directly to :

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