Monday, April 13, 2009

Art / Scene: The object objectified

It is with pleasure that I announce to you the publication online in two places (The Paris Blog and EyePreferParis) of my recent, and fairly long-winded, ramble on art in Paris.

Unlike the past months, this month I focused on a thematic issue pervading Paris' artscene: the object. I see this in part as a preamble or contextualization for the mid-May article I am planning with interview of Parisian Boris Achour (his work pictured above here, from "Actions Few" a project in 1993-97, photo taken from his site). So, having had the pleasure of being invited to the new Jacques Tati show at the cinémathèque for its charming opening last week, I make mention of that, the two Andy Warhol shows in Paris, one of my favorite artists who tends to focus on objects in various ways, Sophie Calle, and then I take a closer look at two contemporary artists working with "things" in a variety of ways, Olivier Babin and Boris Achour.

For my article:
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Note: Boris Achour has 2 shows opening this month in Paris!!!! :

AT : Galerie Georges-Philippe & Nathalie Vallois, 36 rue de Seine, 75006 Paris. Expo: “Boris Achour, Conatus: celui dans la grotte” from 22 April-23 May 2009 (

At : Le Grand Palais, Avenue Winston Churchill 75008 Paris. Expo as part of “La Force de l’art 2009” from 24 April thru 1 June 2009 (not Tues.) (

Achour also has a new website: as well as an older, out of date one but where other works are still visible:

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