Monday, February 23, 2009

Stein is in the air...

There is a room in a room in a series of women peeking through their ribs to cage that stone space of where she (s)lumbers.

Today, thoughts of last week visiting Père Lachaise (as mentioned in my previous post from this morning) and then to read Michele Naka Pierce's fabulous prose poems (click on her name to be transported to them) written after she visited Stein and Tokla's grave as well. This in turn, like the always turning Steinien syntax, also reminds me of Jill Darling's post of a little Stein thought for the day.

Nearby the stone for Stein & Toklas are stones with luxurious, fluid writing: illisible to me, Armenian (as on this headstone in photo taken by Diccon Maude, in the reflection at the base of the stone). Stein & Toklas' grave is pictured in this Armenian headstone photo, too, but is far off, near where those people are standing.

And my week included also spotting billboards with odd messages round town, Jenny Holzer-like in nature (as the two pictured, right is my photo, the one at left is Diccon's. Click on Holzer's name to go and see slideshows of her work, collaborations and working notes which are a lot of fun.)

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