Sunday, November 16, 2008

Art in the World

NEW 18 Nov post up at EyePreferParis

My second installation of a series on contemporary artists is now up online at Richard Nahem's website for Paris events and happenings: under 18 nov post: ArtSeen

This time I trekked out to Bagnolet to visit visual artist Seulgi Lee who I'd met in 2003 at Napoule artist foundation at the Chateau de la Napoule in 2003, where Lee embroidered her giant "Grève" banner, and of which I still have some crazy images of her trying to hold the banner up in a nasty wind by the azure coast's waves, but those pics are somewhere in a real photo folder so the one below of an unknown woman with the banner will have to suffice here. Since then, her work has really been going in many exciting directions as she has shown more and more in Paris and in Korea. Mixing elements of the interactive with a focus on the objects in everyday art, her work is quirky and fun to see as you'll notice in the images on the EyePreferParis site. She has a forthcoming show in Noisiel at la Ferme du Buisson Centre d'Art (Jan 24-March 29, 2009).

Please, do check out my article on her, and see some images of her works (such as this image from her sculpture/performance piece "c", Musée de l'Art Moderne de Paris, where people hung out inside the piece all day long for her, or her cat dyed red like an artifical object, then left to roam the galerie like it was his own home).
Great stuff!!!

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