Wednesday, October 17, 2007

ENCLOSURES at BlazeVox Books

I have admired BlazeVOX for awhile, their site is fun, you can download FREE eBooks by fab authors & purchase lovely printed books by even MORE fabulous authors--William Allegrezza, Noah Eli Gordon, Kazin Ali, Ray Bianchi, Peter Jay Shippy, Amy King, Michael Gessner, & many more! But what's not to like about a book editor who pre-announces that they are "publishers of weird little books" & "a place of refuge", or of which Ron Silliman says on his blog "...approach with caution"? 'Weird', but lovely: humourous, serious, violent, ephemeral, moving (physically), penetrating, these books are so varied that what seems most to link them together is the sense that each one is a project on its own, seeking to make its space and way, & which BlazeVOX gives voice & page & webspace to. Dedicated to works in an experimental vein, BlazeVOX books often move around the page, opening multiple sites for voices, eye. Or, they are sieved down to only their most essential lines, sometimes giggly, sometimes grabbing you by the throat. OFTEN these books put to question the delineation between genres (ie poetry/theater in Benjamin Buchholz's "playlet poems" entitled Windshields). Some of the books are minimal, others come at the reader with a lined denseness encroaching on the eye, the mind, the self.
So, I am really excited to have a work among their new set of eBooks this fall! Please read ENCLOSURES, a collection from a longer work still in progress. These are my Lili poems, a character who moves through these very visual pages in her own darkness. Poem from Enclosures previously appeared in Cutbank 67. The electronic chapbook at BlazeVOX is available in free pdf download:

& Thanks to BlazeVOX editor Geoffey Gatza for his AMAZING cover layout and photo! You can read some of his own works on the BV site or order copies, too, of his collections!!!

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