Thursday, February 22, 2007


POEMS Online:
In DOUBLE ROOM #7, plus I just love Nin Andrews’ poem in this issue!!! It is really a great feeling to make it onto the inspiring site for Double Room, where I have a few poems from my now-under-submission manuscript Circuits alongside some really smashing works such as Nin Andrews amazing prose poems and selections by Stephen Ratcliffe! I also admire Double Room’s intros, written by editors Peter Connors & Mark Tursi, reflecting on notions of genre, & questions of where to place prose poems/flash fiction 5and Connor’s own home web site is worth thumbing through, too). The editors always encourage their authors to respond to a sentence by someone else on ideas about this exciting between-genre, and those are all really fun to read in this, their 7th issue. (Find: “Brain in a Box 1”, “Atomic Choreography 2” and “Brain in a Box 2” on Double Room, Winter 2007, issue 7.
Issue 7 at:

New Poems In PRINT:
American Letters & Commentary 2006 includes my poem “Coda” alongside an excellent array of work, including poems by Kurt Brown, Xue Di, both poetry and visual work by Barbara Guest, theme work on “Fear” by Jena Osman, Andrew Kozma and much more! Order a copy through

Los Angeles Review—See the recent issue, N°3, in which one of my poems “It was a wedding of Strangers…” (dedicated to Sophie Calle & Anne Lauterbach) appears alongside many of my fellow Parisian Americans, thanks to Cecilia Woloch getting us to get our work back over all the way to the coastline of lovely California! The review, produced by Red Hen Press, is beautiful, large format with a diverse range of work.

Diner Magazine—inaugurating its annual, larger issues, Diner includes my poem “Theorizing about Theorizing”. A great magazine out of MA, one to support and keep your eye on (not because of my work, but because of the editors and all they are doing!!!) subscribe or order online via:

Review of Marilyn Hackers “Essays on Departure: Selected Poems” forthcoming in Tears in the Fence, UK, summer 2007.

Book Review: “Eclectic Directions: Jennifer K Dick reviews Anabranch by Andrew Zawacki.” Jacket Magazine, Australia, July 2006.

older PROSE and, yep, some recipes in:
Jack Mackerel 9.0: All-Food Edition 2005, Seattle. Story,“The Regime”(3p) alongside some fun work by John Parker and many others at:

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