Monday, September 09, 2019

The Great Launch Kunsthalle Ecrire l'Art 20 Sept 2019

on 20 Sept 2019: 
Soirée Ecrire l'Art. 
for our book containing
10 YEARS of
writing extracts,
traces of, remnants of
and recollections of the mini residences of 21 authors!
A La Kunsthalle, La Fonderie, 16 rue de la Fonderie, Mulhouse, France.

The GREAT launch of the 10 year anniversary volume DOSSIER DES OUVRAGES EXECUTES (éditions la Kunsthalle Mulhouse, distribué par les presses du réel, 2019) from the Ecrire l'Art residency which I helped co-organize over this decade with the art center's director, Sandrine Wymann

Including our "avant-propos" in which we reflect on the experiences of having these authors in to write immersed within the exhibitions, this book designed by graphic artist Jérôme Saint-Loubert Bié brings together works by 21 authors in ways that visually and textually leave a trace of the time spent and the language which emerged during their brief stays in Mulhouse, immersed, each one, in one of the exhibitions at the Kunsthalle art space. Jérôme's creative design makes this a true object-souvenir.

This evening will include presentations of films made of 5 of the authors and their texts, readings by Frédéric Forté, Mickaël Batalla, Frank Smith and Eric Suchère and a reading by the new Ecrire l'Art, mode 2, resident Laura Vasquez, coming to Mulhouse from Marseille.  Why "mode 2"? Because the new format will be having a single author in residence on 4 occasions, for 4 weeks, to accompany the 4 annual shows of art at La Kunsthalle. The author will spend time writing, will meet the public within the space of la Kunsthalle and will also give talks/readings on the UHA campus as part of the partnership with the ILLE labo de recherche partnership. We are all very much looking forward to seeing where the next version of writing art goes!

JOIN us--for this evening of readings, film projections and visit of the Kunsthalle, and pick up a copy of the book while you are at it.

As the Kunsthalle states on the FB event site:

"Pendant 10 années, 21 poètes se sont succédés à La Kunsthalle, exposition après exposition, pour écrire un texte. Jérôme Mauche, Virginie Poitrasson, Frédéric Forte, Véronique Pittolo, Jean-michel Espitallier, Daniel Gustav Cramer, Michaël Batalla, Stéphane Bouquet, Cécile Mainardi, Martin Richet, Eric Suchère, Hyam Yared, Anne Portugal, Andrea Inglese, Christophe Fiat, Dominique Quélen, Frank Smith, Christophe Manon, Sandra Moussempès, Deborah Heissler, Luc Bénazet, chacun s’est emparé de l’invitation selon son envie et tous ont écrit une œuvre inédite. Elles sont à présent rassemblées dans un DOSSIER DES OUVRAGES EXÉCUTÉS. Véritable mémoire de dix années d’expositions, ce livre reflète la créativité et la diversité d’un lieu ouvert à de multiples pratiques artistiques.

À l’occasion du lancement de l’édition, Frédéric Forté, Mickaël Batalla, Frank Smith et Eric Suchère, auteurs de la Résidence Ecrire l’art reviennent à Mulhouse pour lire leurs textes. D’autres seront présents par l’image. D’autres encore prêteront leurs mots à des lecteurs.

Cette soirée exceptionnelle sera aussi l’occasion de rencontrer et d’écouter Laura Vazquez, l’auteur-poète qui accompagnera La Kunsthalle tout au long de la saison 2019-2020."

Friday, August 30, 2019

READING from Lilith 8 Sept 2019 17h30 Paris

You are cordially invited to the launch reading & signing
On SUNDAY 8 SEPT 2019 at 17h30 by
of LILITH : A Novel in Fragments (Corrupt Press, 2019)
at The Red Wheelbarrow Bookshop

9 rue de Médicis 75006, RER Luxembourg / M° Odéon ou Cluny-La Sorbonne
Extracts in French will be read by Virginie Poitrasson 

Made of gathered dust and the poet’s fine attention, made of making itself, recovered in the marked acts of dreaming and writing, a powerful and transformative feminine figure emerges in Jennifer K. Dick’s latest collection. Bleeding through the veil of ripped wallpaper that haunted Charlotte Perkins Gilman, brilliantly imagined out of stain and shadow into sensual life, this at once contemporary and mythic woman becomes our avatar and intimate: “Lili.” Both an “invitation to see” and, literally, a vision, the result of “rough loving” and splendid—hybrid—writing, Lili is a glorious “cast” (think sculpture, yes, but also outcast and cast of characters, and do keep in mind Mallarmé’s cast of the dice…). Complicating and expanding ideas about identity and femininity, subject and object, novel and verse, Lilith is this poet’s most amazing wager and work.”—Laura Mullen

“Jennifer K Dick’s Lilith is a plunge of variance – columns, clusters, superscripts, blocks of plot – that delivers its heroin(e) to and from a self. In the woods or in a room of broken porcelain, Lili basks in neuroinformation and Narcissus, getting away from getting away. “Recoil is to leap as harmony is to nail”: this book’s beautiful movement goes everywhere into fragmentation. A fluent multiplicity from Dick’s world-rend(er)ing imaginations.”

—Lisa Samuels

Lillith. A Novel in Fragments. Etymology of ‘novel’—"fictitious narrative," 1560s, from Italian novella "short story," originally "new story," from Latin novella "new things"… If we are to have a feminist poetics, a feminist poetry, that will have to be a ‘new thing.’ And new things are notoriously difficult to recognize and interpret. Jennifer K. Dick’s newest (in every sense of the word) book challenges us on every level: within the first few pages, we are confronted with scattered words on the page, an overprinted graphic, a phrase printed upside down… This book is an enormous (perhaps endless) journey, and, like all great journeys, includes elements of circularity, of reimaging, reimagining. We wander in a labyrinth of mirrors, seeing ourselves in these repeated, fragmentary stories, and in the deep and complex eroticism of this text. This is a book that resists summary or description. Like all real novels, it wants to and succeeds in including everything, especially moments of astonishingly lyrical writing: As now, on the bed, a feather, pages. This book is an event. It isn’t about anything. It is something.”

                                    —Ed Smallfield (author, publisher of Apogee Press books, USA,

& editor of Parentheses literary magazine, Barcelona)