Saturday, November 15, 2008

Poem written after a line by Rod Smith

housing deranged wishes
with the sound it loves
one is a sound housed a
deranged hive is that
wishful love or hanged
lust humorous timorous
household loving is a
deranged rustle a wish-
bone toothpicked axed
to housing washed sound
out with a love lined
a direct house to house
wasted lift searched for in
the wash or wishes semi-
cooked, self-lost or
free ranging household love
lorn or freebasted cockles
shiver wished for washed up
out of love mortgaged
mortal hover house-muse
must or mistletoe tongued
caught caper sound-slung
housing stand the bland
deranged for frequent
lined wish-for tales toe-holed
form of love of the rod the rood
deranged wishes scraped
housing the one it loves lived
without a sound inkling
in the prickled mouse dropped
dark dare deranging sound
wished to wash up to lap up
to splosh over into love

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