Friday, September 11, 2009

Forthcoming Writing Workshop in Amsterdam

I will be off to Amsterdam again with the Words In Here folks this October! If you are interested in signing up for one of their "master classes" workshops, or the one I am going to teach, the full program is online at and below is info on my workshop in particular. Sign up now to get a spot!!!

Registration deadline: Wednesday, September 16 2009
Open house to find out more this weekend at:
The English Bookshop,
Lauriergracht 71
3 MASTER CLASSES are offered this fall as part of the program "WORKSHOP: Practical tools for mastering your craft".
Program & Registration Fall 2009:
I) Poetry: A Work in Progress with Kate Foley
II) Writing Memory: Into the Poem, Flash Fiction or Multi-Genre Works with Jennifer K Dick
III) Short Fiction Putting on the Polish with Michele Hutchinson
These workshops have been developed specifically for the writer who is ready to hone and develop his/her skills further, or who is on the verge of submitting work for publication. All of our teachers are dedicated to creating an open, relaxed atmosphere to explore the possibilities of your work and the opportunities that await it. Cost: €150, €135 (CJP/students/65+)
All workshops are spread over two days .
My course:

Writing Memory: Into the Poem, Flash Fiction or Multi-Genre works
Friday, 9 October, 19h00 – 22h00; and Sunday, 11 October, 12h00 – 17h30
This workshop will explore the variegated ways of putting our selves as re-membered onto the page—that is, not just our memories but how the formal (be that collaged, rhythmed, or as a tale) ways we put memories into writing reaches beyond us, remakes us, and our imagined alter-egos, in the writing. We will make use of old letters/emails/blog entries, journals, scrapbooks (if you desire), photos, and the memories we often hide. Exercises will focus first on exploring narrative (aspects of storytelling in poetry and short prose and how line break plays into that), then on formal meter and prose rhythm as a way to reflect and echo sounds and thus pasts. Finally, we will move into an exploration of more radical forms of collaged, postmodern even mixed genre work. In our 3 short days together, you will end up writing a series of small memoir works in either poetry or prose, and perhaps work towards or even complete a longer piece. You will certainly leave with a handful of tools, ideas and techniques you can maneuver in your own ways when you return to work on your prose or poetry after this workshop. Writers we’ll look at include Michael Oondaatje, Claudia Rankine, Eleni Sikilianos, Marilyn Hacker, Joan Retallack, Lyn Hejinian, Truong Tran, Laura Mullen, Czeslaw Milosz, Bhanu Kapil, Susan Howe, Arthur Sze, Myung Mi Kim, Brenda Hillman, Douglas Oliver, Alice Notley and a variety of texts from the Chain magazine Memoir and Letters issues. I hope you will all enjoy trying out some new methods for tackling old experiences. Please bring either a few old letters/emails, a journal/set of blog posts or scrapbook as base materials to the first course. This workshop is aimed at all writers, writing at any level, but is especially useful for those midway through a first or second book, or those who feel stuck and like they need to stretch their perspectives of what they can do in language at this point. This workshop is led by Jennifer K. Dick.

Complete the form at The English Bookshop at Lauriergracht 71, 1016 RH Amsterdam before Wednesday, September 16.
OR register online at:
Payment can be made at The English Bookshop through cash or PIN, or can be made by bank transfer.

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