Friday, April 17, 2009

April Showers...

This is a blog post to share some pics with all the poets and nonpoets present at American author in Paris, Michelle Noteboom's, baby shower.

We had a very very American day in Paris last Sunday when I threw a baby shower for her--having never attended one myself, I tried to do it up all-American with games and treats and very large amounts of estrogen present. All the women gathered round for brunch (LOTS of food!) and faux mimosas (San Pelligrino + OJ). PICTURED: Michelle Noteboom looking down at her balloon, & Zoé Chantre with hers!; Augustin & Safira Playing with more balloons; Sarah Riggs (on ground) Hilary (on chair w/Augustin) & Michelle, Angela & the edge of Sionnon on couch) ; Hilary, Me, Bonny Finberg with camera; Carole Perreira & Jennifer Huxta w/camera; Virginie Poitrasson, Michelle & Zoé Chantre w/camera on couch.

We gave presents for the future little one, and laughed passing them round. PICTURED: Michelle & blue book, Michelle + Cool Jonny Cash Bb outfit, Michelle & Angela Newman (the two pregnant women!), Michelle showing off a maroon outfit then an orange toy, finally Michelle as if reading to us from the 1930's book Sionnan found at an antiques shop (and which the image at the top of this blog post comes from--it's a book full of fun images, horoscopes which are a bit closer to horrorscopes, tips for the mom to be & ads for savings accts with 6% interest rates: those days are long gone!!!!)

Then I arranged some games (notice how intense these "gals" are when they are playing word games for prizes). PICTURED: Virginie Poitrasson & Margo Berdeshevsky; Zoé Chantre & Jennifer Huxta; Bonny Finberg & Carole Perreira; Sarah Riggs & Marielle Anselmo; Michelle Noteboom w/Sionnan & Hilary.

It was fun, and amusing, and very very non-French (one of the first things that one of the French guests said was "where are all the men"--we informed her this was a women-only activity (+kids, for Sarah Riggs & Hilary with their little Safira and Augustin). PICTURED: Carole Perreira & Michelle checking out the future BB's movements; Carole & Zoé; Hilary and Augustin with his T-shirt which reads "Gas Grass or Ass no one rides for free"; Virginie Poitrasson and her series of 3 coccinelles (ladybugs) on her chest; Sarah Riggs feeding Safira & Hilary in background.

That said, Fred could be found playing board games out on the terrasse with his friend, and later came in to visit a bit and share in all the laugher). PICTURED: Augustin & Bubbles; Fred & his friend on balcony playing board games; Augustin playing with Safira x2; Fred snuggling Michelle on the couch as everyone talks about the afternoon.

I lingered along with Sionnan (pictured), late into the night chatting with Michelle and Fred (also pictured!) about the world and nothing... all in all, a great Easter Sunday!


Michelle Naka Pierce said...

How sweet.

Please pass these titles on to Michelle for me:

Not for Mothers Only: Contemporary Poems on Child-Getting and Child-Rearing, Wagner & Wolff, eds.

And Anne Waldman's First Baby Poems.

Jennifer K Dick said...

Hey Michelle NP

I gave her a copy of the Waldman book as a little cadeau! I will check and see if she knows the other. Best to you in the UK!!! Jen