Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Versal: launch of issue 8 & special "early bird deal" NOW!

As some of you may know, I work as one of the many poetry editors for an Amsterdam-based international annual literary journal, Versal. It's a beautifully-designed publication with poetry, short prose and artwork. We're coming up to publication of our 8th issue the first I have been a part of as a reader, (and which is launched on May 8th at the Sugar Factory in Amsterdam--and will be a LOT of fun if you are in that city!: Versal is entirely volunteer-run and self-funded, and also puts on events and workshops for the literary community in Amsterdam throughout the year. The whole thing is held together through sheer hard work, spearheaded by editor Megan Garr, who started Versal eight years ago.

We are hoping to fill our meagre coffers a little before the printing bill for Versal 8 arrives, so we're encouraging our supporters to pre-order a copy of Versal. If you do, not only will you be helping Versal (and a literary community) to keep going, but you will also have a handsome literary journal to read, admire and show to friends. AND if you order before May 8th you will get free delivery of the journal anywhere in the world.

Pre-order Versal 8 and have it shipped anywhere, FREE
Help us pay our printing bill by ordering Versal 8 ahead of time! Plus, you'll get free shipping to anywhere in the world.

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